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Denim Deals: The Warehouse Sale Pop-Up Outlet Near You

The Warehouse Store Pop-Up Outlet at The Block at Orange.

The Warehouse Store Pop-Up Outlet at The Block at Orange.

Have you noticed all the vacancies at your local mall?  Obviously, retail hasn’t completely rebounded from the slow economy, but that doesn’t slow down the folks at The Warehouse Sale!  Look for TWS’s Pop-up Outlet Stores across the country. The Smarty Pants at TWS are filling a void: they get on a short-term lease at your local mall, they bring business to your area, you save money, the denim brands get Pop-up store benefits — it’s a win-win!

I say, thank god!  Do you really want to drive out to the convention center anyways and pay, like, $12 for parking when you’re trying to actually save money on your designer jeans?  I thought so.


— Kathy Ng Hassan


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Cry Me A River, William Rast Does Target!

justin-and-traceOn Dec. 19, an exclusive men’s and women’s collection from William Rast will launch at most Target stores and and will be available through Jan. 22. William Rast has proven that a celebrity can be successful in the design world.  The brainchild collaboration of Justin Timberlake and his childhood friend, Trace Ayala, was introduced  in 2005 and has grown into a thriving business.

“Our guests have varied tastes and this collection provides the perfect mix of rocker attitude and laid-back appeal for men and women everywhere at affordable prices,” said Target spokeswoman Katie HeinzePrices for the Target collection were not available, but William Rast jeans cost $165 to $229; leather jackets, $395 to $595, and fashion tops, $95 to $165. “The collection for Target was inspired by the essence of the William Rast brand — the iconography of biker culture and American denim heritage,” said William Rast chief executive officer Colin Dyne. (WWD).

Finally, a real premium denim collection available at Target for a fraction of the price!  I can’t wait to see how they fit!

–Nikki Cho Russo

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Rachel Zoe Loves Denim Therapy!

When Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist to the who’s who of all IT girls, recommends Denim Therapy as the go-to service for denim repair, well, it’s the kind of compliment to receive that is champagne popping worthy!

Sign up for The Zoe Report and get daily tips on everything fashionable.  We love you Rachel!

The Zoe Report

Denim Therapy Repair Services

Amidst the varying degrees of styles, trends and silhouettes that we as fashion enthusiasts may choose to follow—or not follow—there is one universal truth that connects us all: our jeans. Whether you prefer skinny,wide-leg or cropped, there is no denying that they are the uniform of all uniforms. In fact, I wear my wide-leg denim options so often that they have certainly seen better days…but near-disaster solved! You see, with the magical powers of Denim Therapy, I can bring them back to life.

That’s right Zoe Reporters, anytime you find that you’ve worn your go-to pair of jeans to shreds (literally) you can simply send them out to the Denim Therapy doctors for a little R&R…andvoil?, they come back to you better than ever. Whether the damage you face is holes, tears, or a broken zipper, this totally convenient service will give your beloved jeans the most natural looking and quickest fix-up possible. Oh and if that wasn’t cool enough, Denim Therapy also transforms any pair of jeans into temporary maternity jeans for the mommy-to-be…AND are launching a new tie-dye feature to their site next month. Just what the doctor ordered! xoRZ

Availability: Denim Therepy Denim Repair ($7/inch + shipping). Enter promo code TZR at checkout and receive 10% off purchase, now through 12/22/10.

rz signature

–Nikki Cho Russo

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Alexa Chung and January Jones Vogues It Up in Denim


Vogue Ten Best Dressed List. Alexa Chung is #1! Image via Vogue.

Vogue Ten Best Dressed. January Jones is #10!

Vogue Ten Best Dressed. January Jones is #10! Image via Vogue.

Out of the blue, I decided to check out what was going on with Vogue online, and lo and behold!  The Ten Best Dressed list for the week has two “leggy” denim looks!  One of my fave style muses, Alexa Chung, is featured spotlighting her tanned gams in denim hot pants (her favorite kind!).  Mad Men‘s January Jones, pulls together an uptown ensemble with a dark indigo pencil leg jean.  At #1 and #10, Chung and Jones bookends the list, respectively.

Click here to read the story.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Denim Brand: Neuw Denim





Founded by three friends, Swede Par Lundqvist and Australians Stephen Little and Richard Bell, NEUW DENIM is a denim line that is metamorphosized from the old.  Co-founder Lundqvist, a massive denim collector in his own right, takes vintage pieces and transforms them into something unique and wearable.  Perhaps the intent of Neuw Denim was not originally founded on “green” principles, but I suspect fans of recycled fashion will be quite happy.  The men’s collection consists mostly of skinny, slim silhouettes, as are the women’s jeans.  The inaugural 2010 denim collection exudes a bit of a classic 60s and 70s Rock/Punk vibe (e.g. Men’s “Iggy” and “Jimmy”; Women’s “Nico”).   In the spirit of a small music record label, founders Lundqvist, Little and Bell want to “create a premium, independent denim brand.”

Named after Nieuwlandstroot in Brussels, Belgium, where Lundqvist once lived, Neuw Denim can be found in Australia and Scandinavia.  Keep your fingers crossed for a U.S. stockist near you.  The buzz on the street tells me that Neuw is already working on garnering U.S. retailers.


— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Why Denim Never Goes Out of Fashion

Via The Independent.  D&G Spring/Summer 2010.

Via The Independent. D&G Spring/Summer 2010.

I’m not completely convinced that double denim is a good idea, even though the models look smashing on the runways.  I think it takes a light touch to avoid denim overdose.  As indicated in this article, different shades of denim is the key to success.  The love of denim is irresistable, and all the high-end designers are doing their darndest to integrate denim into dressier ensemble looks.  A party on the yacht?  Yes.  Cocktails at the club? Yes.  Board meetings? Perhaps!

— Kathy Ng Hassan


From The Independent:

Into the blue: Why denim never goes out of fashion

Denim isn’t just for jeans – designers have made shirts, jackets and ties out of the blue stuff. And this season, even ‘double denim’ can be cool,” says Lee Holmes

There’s a reason why denim never seems to go out of fashion.

It’s among the most versatile and practical fabrics, beloved in its time by soldiers, railway workers and, of course, since the mid-1950s, by any fashion follower worth his or her credentials.

Given fashion’s current utilitarian mood it is not entirely surprising that, both in the upper echelons of designer menswear and on the high street, denim is having an extended moment in the sun. Brands including Alexander McQueen, Margaret Howell, D&G, Topman and, of course, Gap, have made denim ubiquitous and it is no longer restricted to jeans. Denim shirts, jackets, bags, plimsolls and even decidedly natty denim bow ties are all being worn by the metropolitan male with pride. More unnervingly, perhaps, double denim – to the unitiated this describes the sporting of two denim garments at one time – has found its way out of the fashion Siberia where it has languished since the Nineties.

Click here to read more.

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Denim Deals: Diesel Sale for Men and Women


Yippee, it’s that time again!  What I’m actually excited about, besides the sale (and who doesn’t love a sale?) is that I can shop for the coveted men’s tapered jeans.  Most of them are only 30% off, but a deal is a deal.  I don’t know about you, but this style is hard to find in Los Angeles, unless you want to pay ?ber full price.

While you’re there, you can also preview the Fall/Winter 2010 collection.


— Kathy Ng Hassan


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Style Hunt – WHO WHAT WEAR Takes It To The Streets


Have you been watching the new street style videos series “Real Girls Real Style” online at Who What Wear?  I’m hooked!  Better than static images — although style pics are always cool — you get the sense that you’re there, checking out the latest style muse in the flesh.  Thanks to the wonders of editing, everyone seems so well-spoken and knowledgeable about their style choices.  Check out the embed vid above to view the interview with a pair of sisters who rocks her own denim look. As Season 1 is shot in Los Angeles, you’ll see plenty of denimy looks.


— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Blink By Wet Seat For Hip Affordable Jeans

storeWet Seal is taking malls by storm with their new retail concept called Blink by Wet Seal.  The first store opened on July 3rd in a 1,600-square-foot space in The Galleria at Tyler in Riverside, Calif.  Their push to elevate their denim presence will offer jeans shop-in-shops in its largest new stores.

“Denim is one of the strongest parts of our business, and it is a differentiation factor for us,” Wet Seal chief executive officer Ed Thomas said. “As a result, we decided to do this really with the intent of more marketing than anything else. If we are going to go into a mall and we can’t find the appropriate space within a mall, we would open a Blink just to get the [Wet Seal] name out.” (WWD)

Blink’s selection includes their main denim private-label, but will also offer a wide range of outside brands which include; Almost Famous, Amethyst, Dollhouse, Jalate, Machine, Paris Blues, Ten25, Vanilla Star, Vigoss, YMI, Zana Di and ZCo. The denim at Blink are extremely affordable ranging in price from $10 to $40. Who can beat those prices!


Not only does Wet Seal offer fashionable jeans at rock bottom prices, but also offers one of the best plus-size apparel selections that I’ve seen.  Have you ever seen sexier plus-size jeans than these? Wet Seal’s Moto Skinny Jeans will make any curvy girl look and feel super sexy for only $36.50! Go high/low baby, pair them with some mile-high Louboutins and a cropped jacket and you are ready to give those skinny bitches a run for their money!

— Nikki Cho Russo

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Capsule NY – Men’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collections

capsuleCapsule New York Men’s tradeshow, a well curated showcase of progressive apparel and accessories brands from the US, Europe and Asia, came to a close yesterday.  This marked Capsule’s seventh season in New York presenting Spring/Summer 2011 collections, and a move to a new venue – Center 548, once home to the DIA art foundation in the heart of the Chelsea gallery district.

31 oz denim jeans by Naked & Famous (Photo by Chiun-kai Shih)

32 oz denim jeans by Naked & Famous (Photo by Chiun-kai Shih)

Exciting designers that caught my eye were from CFDA-nominated Simon Spurr’s diffusion line, Spurr. The selvedge and non-selvedge jeans are high quality – minimalist styles and they come in two fits, pipe or classic – now one of my husband’s favorite jeans; Kitsun?, although denim is not their thing, it was their US debut with a fabulous collection; a new denim company debuting was Canton Overall, premium Japanese jeans, which are not your normal looking jeans, ultra high-cuffed bottoms revealing the selvedge stitching made for an interesting style (perhaps a little Junya Watanabe’ish); Naked & Famous, the Toronto based denim and apparel company had two great jeans, a cashmere blend and a linen blend that was super soft to the touch. For a good laugh, they had a pair of the heaviest denim jeans I have ever seen, a whopping 32 ounces! And added for honorable mention, was Gilbert & Lewis’s adorable boldly colored slim fitted plaid and gingham shirts with built in bow-ties!  A perfect top to pair with your favorite selvedge jeans.

The Cocoon installation (Photo by Chiun-kai Shih)

The Cocoon installation (Photo by Chiun-kai Shih)

When it came time for a break and a bite to eat, the rooftop lounge was a peaceful retreat of tables with Stark ghost chairs, an art installation created by conceptual architects Annie Kwon & EMEHT agency titled “The Cocoon”, foot tapping music, and a serene view of the city’s skyline that created an ?ber cool relaxing fashion break.

–Nikki Cho Russo

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