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Gilt Groupe: $58 Helmut Lang Jeans for Men


Gentlemen: snag yourself some Helmut Lang jeans now, on sale at Gilt Groupe, while your size is still available.  Prices go for $58-$98 a pop.  White jeans, raw denim, skinny, indigo denim, dark and light washes.  Oh yeah, they’re selling shirts, too.  These are definitely date-worthy clothes, so don’t lose out!


Kathy Ng Hassan


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Fashion Rio 2009: TNG Debuts New Denim Looks


(To view this as high-quality video, go to YouTube to change the setting.)

For Fashion Rio 2009, Brazilian fashion house TNG interprets denim in bright, bleached out, layered, and three-dimensional sanded looks on the runway. Cuts are tapered and conjure unrelenting retro-80s looks. Are you into it?

Perhaps the denim looks harken back to the early years that TNG (stands for “Teenager”) was founded.  Since its founding in 1984, S??o Paolo-based TNG has made its mark as a hot fashion commodity throughout Brazil.  Top Brazilian models (e.g. Rodrigo Santoro) have graced themselves with TNG’s complete high-fashion line.  Supermodel Naomi Campbell, the brand’s It Girl, continues to support the brand.  Tailored to a young, hip consumer, TNG doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to jumping on the denim bandwagon.  Frankly, jeans sell.  Too bad they don’t seem to have stockists outside of Brazil yet, but I’m keeping my eye out.

One more thing, if you look closely at the video, I believe you’ll find Niki Taylor strutting her stuff.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Denim Deals L.A.: Dylan George & 2B Free

Dylan George says “Bad jeans are an effective form of birth control.” In collaboration with 2B Free, it’s your chance to revamp your denim closet and score some new jeans at their sample sale.  Perhaps you’ll find 2B Free‘s signature fleur de lis tanks to go with your jeans.

Saturday, January 24 (10AM to 6PM)
Siren Studios
6063 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

*Small parking lot.
No RSVP Required.

All Apparel $15 – $50
Cash or Credit

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From TalkingShopping: Audrina Patridge for Divine Rights of Denim

ts0120audrinafordrod-thumb-356x454From TalkingShopping:

TS Update:
Back in September, the TalkingShopping team told you that Hills bad girl Audrina Patridge had inked a deal to be the face of cheap-chic denim line, Divine Rights of Denim (a brand that the rest of the gals in her Hills also wear).  Well girls, we know you’ve just been on the edge of your seat (ha!), waiting to see what smoldering, sex-filled ads the never-shy twenty-something would produce and finally, they’re out!
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The line is actually a collabo collection with mall retailer Arden B. (oh-so-fitting for such a line) and Audrina does appear on their website in a pair of skin-tight denim designs by Divine Rights and, to no one’s surprise, a sheer, lace-up black corset.  And in yet another pretty predictable move, she stands glued to the wall in the ad in a very Britney-like pose.  The one thing we can give to this delebrity effort of sorts, is that the jeans are pretty on-trend and sport nice prices (all of Arden B’s denim offerings are under $78).

Editor’s Note: You can find Divine Rights of Denim at Dillard’s, currently for under $68.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Izod Launches Denim and Career Categories


Posted THURSDAY JANUARY 15, 2009

From WWD ISSUE 01/15/2009



Seeking to ramp up its women??™s business to a full lifestyle brand, Izod is launching women??™s career and denim categories for fall 2009.

Since bringing the Izod women??™s license back in-house from Kellwood Co. for fall 2007, Phillips-Van Heusen Corp. has called the moderate brand??™s women??™s business ???a huge growth vehicle.??? Izod women??™s president Cheryl Dapolito is working to make the division bigger than the men??™s, turning the current 60:40 ratio on its head. 

???Women??™s seems very underdeveloped and should honestly be bigger than men??™s,??? said Dapolito, who joined Izod in December 2006 soon after PVH brought Izod in-house. ???We had an incredible 2008. We find customers are voting for brands and value more than ever.???

The brand, which wholesales from $10 to $20, does more than $1 billion in retail volume in men??™s and women??™s combined, and the women??™s line is carried in about 1,800 doors, including Belk, Bon-Ton??™s and J.C. Penney.

With the two new launches and the emphasis on value during the recession, Dapolito expects positive growth for Izod women??™s in 2009, along with 20-plus percent growth the brand has experienced since it was brought back in-house.

The expansion of the top-based casual business into bottoms and career are steps on the way to creating a full lifestyle brand, Dapolito said.

???We addressed her needs two days a week, but what happens the other five days???? she said.

So Izod Women??™s launched its ???Silver Crest??? career line ??” the name plays on the laurel leaf in its icon. The line of soft separate tops, such as patterned woven blouses and knit cardigans, and men??™s wear-inspired bottoms, like pinstripe pants, wholesales from about $11 to $22, up to $50 for its novelty jackets. Dapolito said she expects a third, or about 600, of Izod??™s retail accounts to pick up the career collection.

To balance its top-driven business, Izod added a full denim line, with four fits, four washes and corduroy versions, to expand on its previously token denim offerings. The jeans, which wholesale for $15, feature stretch pockets that serve as tummy control panels. Dapolito predicted the denim business would soon make up 30 percent of the casual business. 

Before joining Izod, Dapolito worked in the better market as vice president of sales of the Lauren line at Polo Ralph Lauren Corp., and as vice president and general manager of Sigrid Olsen at Liz Claiborne Inc. She argued that Izod was positioned pricewise as ???upper moderate, but it could go head to head with better. 

???The moderate zone is largely private label, and we offer a national brand with national advertising,??? Dapolito said, adding she expects the advertising budget will hold steady in 2009. ???Our colors are happier than we??™ve ever made them before ??” we want her to be optimistic, which, combined with value, is what women want in these times.??????

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Denim Deals: Made in Heaven, Twenty8Twelve, Ksubi Jeans From $60

Made in Heaven Blue Gold London Medium Rise Boot Cut.

MADE IN HEAVEN Blue Gold London Medium Rise Boot Cut.

Whether in store or online, great deals are to be had at L.A.’s Satine Boutique!  MiH, Made in Heaven’s Blue Gold London Medium Rise Boot Cut jeans are now 70% off.  That’s $69!  If you order online, you’ll add close to $10 for ground shipping, so you’ll still get these shiny jeans for just under $80.  Be the envy of your co-workers.  It’s a day-to-evening kind of jeans.  It’s Heavenly.

Check out these other denim deals, also 70% off!
MiH Black Marrakesh Mid Rise Kick Flare Jeans, now $72
Twenty8Twelve Indigo High Waisted Denim, now $91.50 
Ksubi Skinny Raw Rise, now $60


Kathy Ng Hassan

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Denim Watch – Pakistan: A Hard Look at Jeans

Asad Ahmed, Founder & Owner, Ambition Apparel.

Asad Ahmed, Founder & Owner, Ambition Apparel.

By now, you must be aware that the economic crisis is a global issue.  In an attempt to find out how the economic meltdown truly affects companies and garment workers in the denim industry worldwide, I decided to seek out companies who would be willing to share some insights.  Let’s just say, the more I learned, the scarier it got.  In the end, I had a better appreciation of the jeans that I buy and wear.  It’s good to be reminded of the fine craftsmanship and care that people take — sometimes a half way around the world — just to make your jeans, even though their standard of living isn’t the same as yours.

A few months back, I got in contact with Asad Ahmed, the Founder and Owner of Ambition Apparel, based in Lahore, Pakistan.  From our October-November correspondence, his company was already making strategic changes to buckle down during the worldwide economic slump.

“The biggest fear that I have right now is the upcoming Christmas sales world over where retailers make 50 percent of their yearly sales. If the sales are not as expected especially in apparels, then they will be stuck with unsold inventories which will take the store groups at least two to three months to clear up. That means we might miss next season for which buyers start their placements in the month of January. If there is a serious drop of orders, then factories all over the world will get affected seriously, as each setup have huge monthly overheads.”


How much do garment workers make in Pakistan?
“The average minimum salary for a worker in Pakistan is about USD $80.00 per month. We run two shifts in one day, 8 hours each; the machine operators work on daily wages or on contracts. The more they produce the more money they make. When there is no work at factory, they just sit idle and get no money. It will be devastating for these people if factories shut down due to the fall in global demand. These people will become unemployed, and that will be very dangerous as their livelihood depends on this work.”


“Our entire sales are in European markets.” Says Ahmed.  “With global meltdown in full swing and its effects [expected] to reach us all in the second quarter or earlier next year, this is going to hurt us all in one way or other. Companies all over the globe including ours are downsizing. About 15 percent of our company’s strength has been laid off so far.”

What is your forecast of people’s spending habits for 2009?
“In the next two to three years, we will witness a major drop in the sales of blue jeans. Just think about it: you have $100 to spare for shopping. You need to buy clothes tops and bottoms. Would you go and spend another 20 bucks on a pair of jeans or would you rather buy casual slacks in new material, or just upgrade your tops and drop the idea of buying another pair of jeans; since, you have half a dozen pairs of jeans in your closet that can last you few more years anyways? Going forward, our priorities will change, our preferences will change and our spending habits will change.”

Ambition Apparel Stats

  • Founder and Owners: Asad Ahmed and Imran Amjad
  • Founded in 1999
  • Employees: 350 people
  • Producers for major department stores in Europe, such as:
    – Germany: Karstadt, Quelle, and Neckermann;
    – Italy: Gruppo Coin;
    – UK: Burtons, Primark, and Peacock; and,
    – Switzerland: Charles Voegelle.

For more information, go to Ambition Apparel.

Kathy Ng Hassan


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Denim Deals Boston: $99 Jeans At The True Religion Outlet


Plan on a trip to Wrentham, Massachusetts, like, now, because the newly-opened True Religion Outlet (at the Chelsea Premium Outlets) is offering their jeans at extreme discounts to the public.  Located south of Boston, nobody can resist taking a day trip over to the Outlets for fantastic designer duds, especially in this economy!  When you get there, make a bee-line to the True Religion Outlet and score yourself a pair of  Women’s Rainbow Joey Jean in ‘Kick Ass’ Wash (Retails at $262) for $99!

Thanks to the DernierCri blog for the heads up!

Kathy Ng Hassan


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Street Style: One Man’s Red Carpet Denim Statement

(Hollywood, CA; June 12, 2008) - Daniel Jenkins and "Lexie" at the Summer Revival Fashion Show.

Hollywood, CA - June 12, 2008. Daniel Jenkins and "Lexie" attend the Summer Revival Fashion Show.

When you’ve seen one celeb, you’ve seen ’em all, as independent fashion photographer Daniel Jenkins might say.  But, his well-loved pair of jeans is obviously not something he’ll get jaded about anytime soon.  The Red Carpet rebel, as I like to call him, decided to show off his lucky pair of jeans — and then some — with a young thing as his accessory.  Is she a friend?  A client?  Who cares.  He looks happy, and that’s what matters, no?

Go here to read about Daniel’s journey as a fashion photographer.

Give a shout out to Daniel at

Kathy Ng Hassan


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A Denim Tour De Barney’s

There was a time when your husband would say to you, “do you really need it?” and you would bat your lashes and reply, “but honey, I love it.  Doesn’t it look cute on me?” and he would reluctantly go ahead and buy it for you.  Well, now the comment will be, “don’t even think about it!”  Yes, times are tough, budgets are dwindling and the landscape of the American economy is on shaky and uncertain ground, but to all the fashionistas out there, fashion should never be compromised when it comes to money!   So, it’s time to take stock of what you have in your closet.  Let’s say, for example, getting a little Denim Therapy for the vast array of jeans that you already have!  And perhaps you have been holding out for a good sale scouring the endless list of stores to find designer jeans at a fraction of the original price? These days retailers are practically giving things away, but it is time to be more frugal and smarter about what you add to your wardrobe.

Shall we go on a one-stop shopping denim tour de Barney’s?   The high-end specialty store is currently having a 75% off sale with a slew of denim jeans in the line-up and while you’re at it, check out some of the fabulous shoes and bags that are ridiculously cheap, well, for what they are normally priced at.

  1. Current/Elliott: Every girl wants a pair of Current/Elliott jeans! If it’s not the boyfriend jeans then why not the 1971 Elephant Bell – Love Destroyed denim jean on sale for $79.00, originally $240.00.
  2. Rag & Bone:  These babies fit like a glove and make you booty-licious. You can’t go wrong with investing in a pair of these jeans. The Stovepipe jean in Black on sale for $89.00, originally $242.00.
  3. Ever:  If you want to add a bad-ass pair of jeans with some edgy, but not overdone detailing these are the ones to buy. The Sydney Jean in Black, on sale for $89.00, originally $252.00.
  4. J Brand:  The ever so popular “Lovestory” jean will never go out of style in my opinion. The Lovestory jean in Super dark on sale for $69.00, originally $188.00.
  5. Citizen’s of Humanity:  Who doesn’t love Citizens of Humanity for their great fit?  Always a great staple for your wardrobe.  The Ava – Riche Gauche on sale for $69.00, originally $191.00.
  6. Naked & Famous:  If you have been debating on buying a pair of skinny jeans, but could not afford the $100+ price tag then these are for you.  The Skinny Girl jean in Indigo, on sale now for $39.00, originally $100.00. Now that is cheap even in Target standards!

Go to Barney’s website sale section ( and you will see all of these jeans and many more such as MiH, Superfine, Acne, and Ksubi.  Happy Shopping!

-Nikki Cho Russo

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