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Street Style: Meet Camilla Davidsson, Inspirational Breast Cancer Survivor!


Seven For All Mankind Women's Georgia Jeans (u6004381s-381s)

There comes a time when you think to yourself how the stars and moon had aligned so that fate would have a hand in bringing certain people into your lives. Well, for a while now, I have been wanting to do my part to put emphasis on cancer awareness and most importantly, to showcase valiant men and women who are battling the disease with dignity and verve and just kicking ass!  Let’s face it, life is a roller coaster, some moving faster and bumpier than others, but you hang on tight and brave the ride.  So, let me introduce you to Camilla Davidsson.   This is one spunky bird who started “Milla Correspondence” after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  Check out her greeting cards, they are witty, whimsical greeting cards for those affected by Breast Cancer.

Hey Camilla, I love your spunk!  It is an inspiration that nothing, not even cancer, stopped you from pursuing your dreams and also being an entrepreneur.  Tell our Denim Therapy friends what you do?

Camilla: I am currently a student in London.  I am getting a Masters in Early European Art History.  It was a life-long dream that was rudely interrupted by my “year of cancer.”  Literally, three days before I was supposed to be on a plane to London I was told I had breast cancer…at the age of 27!  So, I’ve spent the last year in New York living at Memorial Sloan Kettering.  I guess you could say I was actively involved in cancer-kicking-ass Inc.  No seriously, before that I did marketing and events for a notable food magazine – delicious!

So London was calling?   There is such an amazing energy and sense of individualism and bold risk takers when it comes to fashion in the UK.  What do you look for in a pair of jeans?

Camilla: Length! I am 5’10” without heels and in the past it was tough to find jeans that looked good when I wore heels, etc. Thankfully today designers are more savvy to this predicament. I actually had to hem a pair of jeans the other day to be able to wear them with my new flats for the season…that was a weird experience. Brought to mind the Friends episode where Joey’s tailor has an interesting technique…not that my tailor did that of course.

What are your favorite denim labels?

Camilla: I love James Jeans for the day — they are comfortable and they always look good. I love Rock & Republic for night; I bought a pair recently that I swear makes me feel like a rock star! I also have an old favorite, the Daze jeans from Diesel. They discontinued them a while back but they make your butt look great! I scour eBay for the chance that they may pop-up at some point. I’ve been lucky and purchased two pairs that worked out really well. I’m praying to the denim gods that they will bring them back as a part of a retro collection or something.

What are your denim style predictions for this spring?

Camilla: I think we’ll continue to see the skinny jean on a lot of people, but I also think that the high-waisted, flowy-leg jeans will descend down from the Fashionistas to us regular people. At least I hope so — I look ridiculous in skinny jeans! I was not provided with that gorgeous, flawless French gene that allows women to wear skinny jeans.

I hear ya!  French chicks just have it going on.   In my next life, I hope I come back as a Parisian named GiGi. Where do you usually purchase your jeans?

Camilla: I love Barney’s Co-Op.  It’s right by my house and I feel that Jeans are one key item you can spend a lot of money on since you can wear them every day.  According to my very scientific formula, you end up spending $.10 cents a wear, and that’s pretty good.

If the denim gods were to take away a pair of jeans, what would you part with? 

Camilla: Well, I would make an offering of the skinny jeans to the gods since us mere mortals can’t pull it off, but being denim gods they would know that I wasn’t actually sacrificing anything. I would have to offer my Rock & Republics if they needed an actual sacrifice.

What will be your next purchase? 

Camilla: I just purchased 5 new pairs of jeans (Rock & Republic: Scorpion (two pairs — I had one shortened),  Earnest Sewn Keaton 247, Diesel Doozy, and James Jeans Hector Bristol) so I am hoping (or at least my wallet) is hoping that I’m not buying any more jeans…but you never know! Sometimes it’s just too tempting!

5 new pairs, I am jealous!  I know, temptation is an understatement and what about ‘window shopping’, it’s such a silly term.  For me, window shopping is all about buying whatever is in the window!   Well my friends, I suppose denim therapy comes in many ways, hopefully the other therapy, gene therapy (yes, pun intended!) will make a big breakthrough in the very near future.


–Nikki Cho Russo

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Trend Watch: Seam-Ripped Jeans

From Refinery29:

Side Swipe



Little black bottoms gets a peek at something sexy. By Kelley Hoffman

From left: The pre-show walkthrough at Balmain, via Sartorialist, Paris; Preen’s spring/summer ’09 show,

While lace-up legs on the Preen runway caught our eye, we’ve seen
similar seam-ripping rocker looks in street style. Back in July, Rumi
of Fashion Toast wore her lattice-cut acid wash jeans
in a blog post titled "Deranged Denim," but we’d be delusional if we
weren’t inspired by those photos. We’ve seen party girls in tights with
a barely-there side stitch in Canada, and brassiere-like hook-and-eye
lined Acne Jeans in Stockholm. During fashion week Anja Rubik was
spotted in a pair of slashed Wolford leggings, which has inspired a few
DIY versions. Girls are all about styling these side-stripped details
in their legs, and check out the photos we have to prove it.


On the dance floor, via Cobrasnake, Canada

On the street, via Stockholm Street Style, Stockholm

Anja Rubik outside the Tommy Hilfiger show, via The Moment, New York


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Music Artists Can Get Famous on Rich & Skinny’s Website


Musicians, singers and bands: gather up your best songs and music videos, because you’re about to become famous online at the Rich & Skinny Web site.  All you need to do is upload your best song or video that you feel fits the Rich & Skinny style, and get your friends to vote for you.  Break a leg!

For more details, visit the Rich & Skinny contest site here.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Get Denim Instant Gratification at Ecookie (L.A.)

Picture_2 Picture_3


Go online at ecookie and pick out some Siwy, Dittos or Stephenson jeans of your choice.  By the way, the Siwy jeans are on sale for $80-85.  And for a mere fee of $25 to, say, Beverly Hills or $40 to Downtown L.A., you’ll have your fresh-off-the-shelf jeans delivered to your adoring hands “in less than 4 hours the same day.”  Sorry folks, but this special courier service is currently only available in the Greater Los Angeles area.  All other folks can still receive their goods via the many affordable shipping options at check out.


If you are so inclined to shop at the actual store, situated in swanky Abbott Kinney (Venice), store founder Elaine Francisco-Sachs (a former Accessories Editor for People Stylewatch) really knows how to make shopping fun for you and your male companion.  While you excitedly try on a pair of jeans, he can hang out at the men’s lounge out back, and sip on an ice cold beer.  If you both show up weekdays after 6:30 p.m., it’s Fashion Happy Hour at ecookie.  Woo hoo!  Complimentary wine and 10% off while you shop is offered.  Your friend might start tagging along with you for future visits, as Francisco is working on installing a flat screen with ESPN and many other sports channels.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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