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Lifestyles of the Rich & Skinny


So I get this Tweet from Serena.  She is telling me how she just blew $10,450 on her daddy’s black AMEX card, and that a Mercedes E550 is a child’s car (she prefers daddy’s Bentley or Lamborghini).  Between texting cute boys and attending celebrity parties, a girl needs to unwind at The Ivy with BFF Layla, who, by the way, slept with her pool boy Antonio.  Oops.  I don’t think she knows that yet.  And, daddy can’t wait to send mommy away to Hawaii, so that he can get cozier with Russian housemaid Natasha.  Everybody has their fun in this “Cirque du L.A.,” courtesy of “Lifestyles of the Rich & Skinny.”

And, of course, Rich & Skinny jeans play an important role in making everyone look, well, Rich and Skinny.  By the way, Rich & Skinny men’s jeans will be available in spring 2009!

Meet the entire cast and shop online at Rich & Skinny.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Denim and Models: Kirby Marzec


By golly if New York City isn’t still the model capitol of the U.S.!  It seems that’s where all the aspiring models flock to, unless they are born and bred there.  And, it was to my advantage to find a fresh face, a rising star, who has a few ideas of her own for fashion world domination.

Kirby Marzec, 18, Greenwich Village (NYC)

What are you doing these days?

I just started my freshmen year at NYU as a Journalism Major.  I plan to take summer course credits at FIT for Fashion Merchandising and Marketing.  Basically, I??™d like to consider my major Fashion Journalism!  Also, I recently jumped on the Fashion Indie bandwagon as a writer… probably one of the most liberating things I??™ve done in a while!

What do you think you’ll be doing in five years?

Five years?  Well, seeing that my undergrad degree is four years away, I see myself attending grad school at either NYU or Columbia University for journalism.  If all goes according to plan, I??™ll snag the coveted W Magazine internship through NYU and I??™ll be on my way to replacing Anna Wintour at Vogue.  High aspirations?  Of course not!  Haha!

Who is your fashion icon?

I love Katharine Hepburn!  Her style is so poised and confident, yet so feminine and sexy! Love it!

How did you get into modeling?

It actually started off more as a hobby.  I always loved to pose for the camera, so my friends and I would dress ourselves up in vintage clothing, do our hair and makeup and take really edgy photos.  Like most teenage girls, I went through that ???I want to be a model??? phase and began doing several local gigs back home in Buffalo.  I decided to attend the International Model and Talent Association in the summer of 2006 where I competed in runway, high fashion photography, TV commercial and monologue competitions.  I won several awards at IMTA and was scouted by a few different agencies, but nothing really came of it.  Modeling in the Brooklyn Bridge show was actually a coincidence!  I had my interview at Fashion Indie for the writing position I now hold, and Corey texted me that a model had dropped out.  [Hello agents… come and get her!]

What are your thoughts on the competitive, rigorous nature of the modeling business?

The business is so selective.  There is more to a model than a pretty face, long legs and a slender torso.  Models need the whole package; everything from facial features, eye color, proportions, shoe size and even skin tone are taken into consideration.  Personally, I think most models were born to do it.  It isn??™t like playing the violin, you can??™t practice to get better.  You either have what it takes, or you don??™t.

Do you have any beauty tips to share with our readers?

Coming from the cold and dry Buffalo, NY, I never leave without chapstick!  There is nothing worse than having sore, dry and sometimes cracked lips in the cold weather! Keep those kissers looking beautiful by hydrating them with chapstick!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Which jeans can’t you live without?

No question. Hands down. Without a doubt. G-Star jeans have got to be the best brand in the whole world. Not only are they super stylish and sleek, they fit exactly how I like them, tight but forgiving low on my hips. I??™m actually heading to the new store on Lafayette tomorrow to pick up a new pair! I??™ve got my eye on dark wash straight-legs!

If you had to sacrifice one pair to the denim gods, which pair would it be?

I think I??™m pretty much over the Diesel denim trend. Ever since Diesel changed buyers a few years ago, the jeans have become tighter, less forgiving and oftentimes detailed with really gaudy pockets. And since when was it okay to wear jeans right at the top of your butt-crack? Not my favorite.

What if you had to sacrifice two pairs?

I could probably say farewell to my Miss Sixty jeans too. The skinny/ straight leg look is really in right now, and I??™m just not feeling the whole wide leg jean anymore!

What pair of jeans do you want to add to your collection?

I have yet to own a pair of True Religion jeans! I hear that they are super comfortable and look good dressed up or dressed down! I??™m looking for them in a dirty dark wash!

Kathy Ng Hassan

Do you have a rockin’ jeans collection? Email me here.

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Denim Deals: Evisu Sale Today at Regent’s Secret



Just when I thought sales were starting to get dull, I am hit with the Evisu sale online at Regent’s Secret.  Jeans are $99-$158.  You’ll find teeshirts and dresses, too.  Check out the Evisu bootcut.  It’s a great way to jump onto the Boyfriend Jean bandwagon, while that trend lasts.  It’s a member’s only sale, but it’s free.

Non-members: use in the Register Here section to access the sale.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Street Style: Satish Tailor

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Denim enthusiasts around the world unite! I can tell you one thing for sure, when it comes to searching the ends of the earth for a good pair of denim, Satish Tailor can certainly give you a recommendation or two on what is hot on the denim front. He’s been sporting Kato jeans for a while now and always up to date with the latest trends. Unless you are amongst the traveling pack of denim aficianados, the brand Kato is still pretty underground for the average joe. I picked his brain a bit recently…

What Kato style were you wearing when I saw you?

Satish: The style was 26SP-31-69, I think!!

You are obviously a man of tasteful aesthetics. I know you personally, but let’s tell our denim friends what you do for a living.

Satish: I’m the creative directing manager at puma for apparel.

To all our denim friends, Satish is the real deal so listen up and take note of this interview! What do you look for in a pair of jeans?

Satish: Cut, fit , weight of denim and grain of fabric also colour and detail has to have authentic detailing.

What are your favorite denim labels?

Satish: I’m a bit of a denim purist so favourite brand is Levi’s, Lee, although I do try out other brands from time to time especially if they have great detailing like Kato jeans.

What are your denim style predictions for the dudes this fall?

Satish: Denim predictions for me would be back to the raw fabric denim as stiff as a board and the darkest indigo…to wear them as nature intended.

You’re a well traveled man, where do you usually purchase your jeans?

Satish: I usually get my jeans on my travels so it depends on where I am at the time, but my favorite place to shop is Japan as everything fits me and I don’t have to take up any of my jeans, LOL!

If the denim gods were to take away a pair of jeans what would you like to part with? What about 2 pairs?

Satish: I wouldn’t part with them if they go then they take me with them.

What will be your next purchase?

Satish: Next purchase, hmmmmm… not sure yet… waiting for some new product to hit the market. Evisu are doing some higher-end product in some great denims might hold out for a pair?

Final question, drop crotch or drop not? I am a drop crotch fan so just curious…must be the Asian is me.

Satish: I’m gonna sit on the fence for that one as I wear mine both ways depending on the occasion.

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Green Jeans: Sharkah Chakra’s Luxe Sunbaked Carbon Neutrals


Founded by Sarah Simmonds, who previously worked at Harvey Nichols of London, London-based Sharkah Chakra is “the first ever brand to make all of its denim from natural indigo dye which is sustainable and good for the environment.” [Note: The use of natural indigo was superseded by synthetic indigo, due to its high cost, since the early 20th century. Source.] From its Fair Trade source in Africa to the artisan looming and dyeing in India to the hand finishing in Italy, Sharkah Chakra’s jeans define what premium denim ought to mean: quality from conception to completion. Every detail spells luxury, down to the gold-plated buttons, its signature 9-carat gold rivet and the individualized craftsmanship by artisans who produce jeans in a method considered a dying art. Using slower, antique 30-shuttle looms, it takes a person a half day (about four hours) to hand weave enough denim for one pair of jeans. Think pre-Industrial Revolution. Sharkah Chakra Jeans are naturally faded or bleached in the sun, without the aid of bleach. Yes, their jeans are selvedge. Check out their lovely proprietary red and white selvedge seam tape. You can show them off when you fold and cuff up your jeans.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Source: Sharkah Chakra.

The company believes in utilizing sustainable resources where possible, which includes its environmentally-friendly packaging. Be prepared to pay for the luxury, because these jeans (as are most organic jeans) retail at ?195-?220.

Denimphiles demand more from their jeans these days. Luxury lifestylists demand no less than the best. When it comes to jeans, why can’t we have it all with Sharkah Chakra?

Where to Buy:

Fred Segal Santa Monica

Sharkah Chakra Online

Or visit the Sharkah Chakra Web site for stockists near you.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Fashion Week Denim Highlights

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Fashion Week has come to an end and as much as I have been loving all the fashion shows, this girl is max’d out and glad to have some time to recupe. Let ‘s take a look at the denim shows that were presented this week and highlight some of the trends that are going to be hot for Spring 2009.

Rag & Bone: Marcus Wainwright and David Neville’s “punk rebel without a cause” inspired collection had their show off site at Pier 94. The line consisted of skinny jeans and pants, off the shoulder dresses and tops, skinny suspenders, preppy skinny cardigans and jackets that had a cool skinhead English beat to the looks. Nothing was overly done and the toned-down influence blended well in the collection. Spot on for what’s hot now and to continue with the heavily British influence.

Rock & Republic: Black and white was the theme for Rock and Republic’s Spring 2009 collection. White stretch jeans, tight stretch minis, black leather jackets and tuxedo inspired jackets dominated the collection. A denim lovers wardrobe is never complete without some black and white denim!

Miss Sixty: This show was colorful and cheerful that put a smile on my face. The bohemian 70’s inspired line had harem pants, hot pants, maxi-skirts, halter dresses, jumpsuits and denims in harem cuts and drop crotch shapes. The ballooned treatment is applied to shoulders and skirt hems alike to exaggerate the feminine form. What I loved was the different variations of the harem style that was incorporated into the jeans. A look that will be popular amongst the fashionista crowd for sure. Celebs that I spotted were Blake Lively, Rosario Dawson, Bijou Phillips, Becki Newton, Monet Mazur, Francesca Versace and Richie Rich (who I was trying to chase down like a stalker before the show because I think he’s such a character).

Diesel Black Gold: Renzo Rosso’s Diesel Black Gold collection produced dirty sand blasted denim with an English military touch. The second season for his line had more slouchy and drop crotch jeans paired up with great leather jackets for his Spring 2009 Diesel Black Gold collection. Amongst the celebs that were there were Petra Nemcova, Juliette Lewis, Mark Ronson and his girlfriend, “IT” girl, Daisy Lowe. I was also able to snap a pic of the great fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. All in all I was impressed with this line and loved the slouchy denim.

William Rast: The William Rast Spring 2009 collection, designed with Swedish designer Johan Lindeberg and his Italian wife, Marcella, was what Timberlake and partner Trace Ayala said they’d always been shooting for. There was a lot of ripped dirty jeans, military inspired studded jackets, tuxedo inspired jackets and short wide ties. The show started off with Justin Timberlake’s video of him playing an outlaw character named William Rast. A nice collection.

So, my denim lover friends, looks like what we have in store for Spring 2009 are more slouchy and Eastern influenced cuts for denim with military and tuxedo inspired jackets. The punk-preppy look is hot now and will be for next Spring as well so stay on the look out for items such as preppy cardigans, skinny ties, vintage slim fitting tuxedo jackets, Sgt. Pepper-like military jackets and of course, most importantly, slouchy jeans. Skinny’s aren’t going away, just different variations of them will be charming the pants off of you!

I also wanted to add that according to financial reports, in this rough road to a recession, the denim industry has not been shaken, in fact, it has done better than ever. So, the numbers speak for themselves, a good pair of denim jeans is a sound investment. Of course, budget permitting, there are great jeans that run the spectrum of price and quality. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit for your body and lifestyle. Pricey doesn’t necessarily always mean the best.

–Nikki Cho Russo

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More Sales! : Blaec online store, get an additional 30% off all sale rack items with sale code

Sass & Bide Frayed Misfits Jeans @ Blaec

Blaec, a great online store for designer labels are having a great sale on selected items. They sell premium denim including: J Brand, Katayone Adeli, Paper Denim & Cloth, Sass & Bide, and Paige Premium Denim. You can’t go wrong with Sass & Bide’s Frayed Misfits Jeans on sale for $144 (originally $240). Act quick as there is a limited amount of sizes left!

Receive 30% off the listed price of marked items by typing “sale” in the coupon field at checkout. The coupon will give you an additional 30% off all sale rack items!

Go to:


–Nikki Cho Russo

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Street Style: David Puerta at Fashion Week

David Puerta

It was raining cats and dogs one day during Fashion Week and in between shows I found a spot amongst the sea of fashion mavens to plant myself until either the rain stopped so I can make a run for it to grab a bite to eat or to just move on to the next show. Standing right next to me was David Puerta, a fashionable young man who piqued my interest with his sharp and chic outfit.

Me: Hi. What’s your name and what do you do?

David: David Puerta. I’m from Brazil. I’m a menswear designer.

Me: I love your look, tell me about what you are wearing.

David: My jacket is Ralph Lauren Purple label Balenciaga t-shirt — it’s super soft, Diesel jeans, Hermes belt, Lanvin shoes.

Me: Nice! Where did you study fashion? I’m a Parsons gal myself. Have you worked for any interesting designers?

David: I studied Fashion Design at F.I.T. I did an internship for Angel Sanchez, that was a great experience. I’m very excited, my first collection will be presented in January. It’s simple cotton, skinny pants and chiffon for men.

Me: I love Angel Sanchez, have a dress and skirt by him. Who are your favorite designers? What denim brands do you love?

David: I love John Varvatos, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Dior Homme, Margiela, Lanvin and Prada. For jeans, Diesel is ok. I really like Ksubi and Prada jeans, they fit me very well.

David is definitely a skinny jean kind of a guy with a keen eye for high-end fashion. He’s got the edgy preppy look going on. The hot look for men at the moment!

–Nikki Cho Russo

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From Vogue UK: Meet Doctor Denim

From Vogue UK:

Meet Doctor Denim

15 September 2008, 10:07AM


FINDING the perfect pair of jeans is tantamount to discovering fashion’s Holy Grail, so kudos to Topshop which, as of today, is launching a dedicated “denim clinic” to make the search that little less wearying.

Until Saturday, September 20 renowned jeans designer Suzy Radcliffe

and her team will be on hand in the retailer’s Oxford Circus flagship

to offer bewildered shoppers a fit consulation, complimentary

alterations and one-on-one style advice between 1pm and 6pm daily.

Can’t make it into town? Radcliffe has shared her tips for finding jeans nirvana exclusively with VOGUE.COM…

Suzy Radcliffe’s Top Ten Tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans

  • Start somewhere with a wide selection of different brands / styles of jeans
  • Be prepared to try on a lot of jeans (it can be exhausting) – finding the perfect pair is not easy
  • Know your body type. Kate Moss may look fantastic in her skinny jeans, but they are not for everyone
  • Enlist

    the help of a shop assistant in the denim department. Start by saying

    “I want to try on your three best selling / best fitting boot cut /

    skinny / straight jeans”

  • When trying them on always look

    at your bum in the mirror. The back pockets are crucial – what size

    they are, how high they are, where they are positioned. Ask a second

    opinion – “how do these look?”

  • Try sitting down. If you

    are hoisting the jeans up and your briefs are on show, these are not

    the jeans for you. Seeing anyone’s G-string is not an attractive look

  • Simple

    rule: universally, the most flattering style for the majority of women

    is the boot cut. This is a good place to start if you have not worn

    jeans for a while. Consider it the basic of your jeans wardrobe

  • Stretch

    – always buy stretch. They are just so much more comfortable. Look for

    labels that say something like “98 per cent cotton, 2 per cent lycra /


  • Always wash inside out and on a cool, 30

    degree wash. With dark jeans, expect some colour loss in the first few

    washes so wash them on their own

  • If the jeans stretch

    out and totally lose their shape, this means the denim is poor quality.

    You are entirely justified in returning them to the store. The jeans

    should mould to your shape over time but not lose their shape entirely

Leisa Barnett

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Denim Insider: Jeans and Sangria with the Serfontaines

Edgy. Raw. Rock ‘n’ Roll. Serfontaine’s current campaign.

Imagine shopping for some coveted premium denim, bleed-all-over-your-white couch selvage, and limited edition jeans at up to 70% off, while listening to some rockin’ tunes in a celebrity-style house by the beach. And better yet, your hosts offer you beer, wine, or champagne while you shop! Yep, Mik and Maria Serfontaine opened up their posh home to some friends, associates and denimphiles this past weekend for some seriously unconventional shopping. By the way, Maria makes a mighty tasty Sangria!

The Serfontaines, who are both easy on the eyes and super stylish, were so down to earth and neighborly. “We are such people persons, so we thought why not have it here,” said Maria. “We couldn’t find a good location,” Mik simply said. This event turned

out to be their Annual Sale and house party of sorts. In years past,

they held their sales at places such as Abbott Kinney, a trendy shopping destination in Venice, California.

After spending most of my time chatting with Mik about denim history — he’s a total denim buff — I snagged me two pairs of Serfontaine X Fit Lycra Jeans: a Minx Regular Rise Straight Leg in grey (see slideshow) and the Avatar in a shimmery black rinse (with contrast yellow and orange stitching). Also, I couldn’t resist but grab a stiff pair of the men’s indigo-saturated Brave Star raw selvage jeans — complete with chainstitched hems — that happened to be for sale (made from Cone Denim selvage!) at only $75. Oh baby!

[Side note: I got to change inside their all-silver/chrome/pewter bathroom, which made me feel like Aeon Flux changing inside a futuristic Bank Vault. Sweet!]

My only regret is I didn’t get there earlier, because they sold out of the black resin rinse jeans (looks like leather) in my size. I finally had to leave because I was getting too comfy there and everyone kept offering me more booze. It was a long drive home!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Photo credit: Kathy Ng Hassan.



Or visit Serfontaine for stockists near you.


Serfontaine’s new Online Store is set to launch this month! Check for updates on their Facebook or MySpace.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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