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Join the Crusade…Sling & Stones Jeans

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Sling & Stones are denim lovers in the purest sense. This super-luxe premium label offers luxurious, great fitting, eco-concious jeans — their materials are 100% organic and fairly traded.

The ensemble collective behind Sling & Stones consists of engineers and artists from Seattle who left behind high-paying careers to pursue global change. The denim is made of the highest quality organic Japanese Supima cotton that is virtually pesticide-free. This is unlike the average cotton jeans, which contain 27% harmful chemicals. “We’re making a super-clean jean with true vintage washes that will last a lifetime.”

The reason for the super-luxe price tag is the detailed process that goes into their jeans. First, the organic Supima fiber is spun and loomed by a small family-run Japanese mill. The twill for the pocket bag lining is made of organic Fair Trade cotton, grown on the farms of Peru. The twill and denim are fashioned with genuine 24k gold plated hardware and Zari thread, handcrafted by skilled artisans in India. Then the jeans are finally assembled in Sling & Stones’ own factory, closely supervised with extra care for the products and the employees. Each jean is finished and inspected personally by Sling & Stones before shipping out to boutiques.

So much love and so much care for our environment and people! This is a brand we should all check out and support. And they are simply kick-ass jeans — simple, great fitting and made by loving hands with the highest quality fabric, what more can you ask for? Maybe a discount? The ultra-premium jeans will set you back $260-$350, but it’s an honorable price to pay that goes deeper than your pocket: a percentage of Sling & Stones??™ profits will be used to immunize villagers in Peru, fight teen suicide in Japan, and build an orphanage and youth rehabilitation center in India. Voila! You are instantly a humanitarian!

For a lower, more wallet-friendly brand, check out their sister-label, Good Society, for equally environmentally conscious jeans for equally financially conscious people, who still want to do good.

Go to Sling & Stones website to view the full collection:

Buy them at:
Revolve Clothing
Denim Bar
Self Edge

–Nikki Cho Russo

Posted Aug 11 2008 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Brand

April 77’s Acid Wash Denim Jacket and Unisex Fashions

I’ve always been a skeptic, when it comes to acid wash jeans.  I just won’t wear them.  Grimace-inducing memories of classmates in the 80s wearing all sorts of acid wash jeans, complete with spiral-permed hair, come to mind.  Acid wash denim came in all forms: stretch jeans or wide ribbed; peg leg or tight with a side slit or zipper at the ankles.  Wait.  Are my memories in black and white or Technicolor?  No!  The acid wash jeans, in many cases, were in Technicolor aqua blue (and in some cases, root beer brown).  Let me tell you, not all 80s acid wash jeans are worth bringing back.  Trust me.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Image source: April 77.

This latest release from progressive Parisian clothing and music label, April 77, has made me rethink acid wash jeans.  Why?  Just look at April 77’s new Acid Wash Denim Jacket for their We Lived Our Lives in Black Fall-Winter 2008 collection.  It’s like looking up at a cloudy blue sky while sipping on a latte, except you’re not looking up.  The eye-catching blue hue against the white splotches seem to signal that fall is approaching, but you’ve still got days of sun to bask in.

April 77 often ties in an item of clothing or accessory to April 77 Record‘s Artist of the Month selection.  When that happens, music lovers can download a free single online (watch the video for the download code).  They make French denim shopping fun!

As upbeat as April 77 may be, their models look pale and tragic, like tortured punk rockers waiting out the winter season.  Are they trying to tell me “I don’t care who’s looking, but don’t I look cool anyways?”  And while you’re looking, notice the unisex themes in its slim and overcast gray The Joey Colordrive Black Snow jeans, dedicated to Artist of the Month The Red Hearts.  Pair that with their unisex chic over-sized sweaters or coats, and you’ve got yourself an instant 80s revival.

Available at the following U.S. retailers:
American Rag, Barneys, Oak and Seven.

Contact April 77 for other retailers near you.

Kathy Ng Hassan

Posted Aug 08 2008 in Denim Fashion » How to Wear It

The Earnest Sewn Co.’s Lemonade Stand For Inner-City Girls

From Daily Candy Kids New York:

Lower East Side Girls Club & The Earnest Sewn Co. Lemonade Stand
All profits from the sale of drinks and baked goods by Sweet Things Bake Shop support programs for inner-city girls.
Why: Sip and see.
When: Sat. & Sun., noon-6 p.m.
Where: The Earnest Sewn Co., 90 Orchard St., at Broome St. (212-979-5120).

It’s a chance to do something good for the community, and another excuse to check out the jeans!

Read the original post here.

Kathy Ng Hassan

Posted Aug 06 2008 in Uncategorized

Sheryl Crow’s Bootheel Trading Co. Jeans Now Available at Dillard’s

Banner_bootheel_2 Sheryl_crow_jeans1

All you Sheryl Crow fans can finally purchase her new line of jeans, now available at Dillard’s.  Bootheel Trading Company, “named after Missouri’s ‘boot heel’ region where Sheryl was born, captures a unique blend of vintage American rock ‘n’ roll chic and authentic denim stylings for the mainstream.”  It’s very Sheryl Crow!

Her jeans retail for a reasonable $62-64, compared to other celebrity jeans.  I spoke to Dillard’s today, and they are happy to have just begin selling the Grammy-winning music artist’s highly-anticipated denim line this month.  The fact that we are only four days into August, Sheryl’s jeans are impressively on backorder for the next 6-8 weeks!

You can also get Sheryl’s Bootheel tee shirts, tunic blouse and vest to complement her casual looking, medium washed and sanded jeans.

Don’t delay your retail gratification for too long.  Click here to order online now!

Kathy Ng Hassan

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How to Clean Up Shia LaBoeuf’s Jeans

I couldn’t help but notice all the coverage about Shia LaBoeuf recovering at the hospital from his recent car tumble in the streets of L.A.  Pictures of his blood-stained jeans got me thinking.  It’s not like he had an extra change of clothes on him, because it’s apparent that he’s wearing the same clothes from his accident.  But, doesn’t a star like him have a manager or someone who can send over a set of fresh clothes? 

Shia, I’m glad you’re okay, but might I recommend some tips on cleaning up the bloody stains on your jeans?  Those jeans look super comfy.  Don’t toss them!


1) Get the Dryel Fabric Care Starter Kit.  Let me tell you, that stain remover which comes with the kit is a miracle worker!  It’s a wonderful enzyme cleaner that you rub on the stain.  I’ve removed the toughest stains, including coffee and oil.  Make sure you follow the instructions on the box.  Shia, watch the stain disappear before your eyes (unless you intend to keep those stains on your jeans as a souvenir)!  Launder as instructed.  Available at most drugstores near you.

2) Follow up with The Laundress Denim Wash.  A cleaner dedicated to jeans!  It’s a detergent and fabric softener in one. Available online at SHOPINTUITION.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Diesel’s Black Gold launch party in Kings Cross, UK

Posted on: 31st July 2008 | Posted by: Susie Bubble

Last night, Dazed & Confused and Diesel celebrated the launch of Diesel’s Black Gold collection, the new, higher-end, more exclusive line – with a party held at a loft space that was formerly Martin Margiela’s studio.

Images featuring the Diesel Black Gold range, styled by Katie Shillingford and shot by Ben Toms, were blown up and put on display. Matthew Stone, Jefferson Hack and Matt Irwin all DJed, while guests including Roisin Murphy, model Ben Grimes and actress Tamsin Egerton enjoyed rounds of Peronis and canapes by Giorgio Locatelli.


Everything that Diesel touches turns into gold, Black Gold to be exact! Diesel debuted its newest collection for F/W 2008 first at New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, with Creative Director Wilbert Das unveiling the new premium line Black Gold. The Black Gold line has a more sophisticated edginess. Shoes, bags, and other accessories bearing the Diesel Black Gold label will launch in Spring 2009.

“We were pioneers in introducing premium denim to the luxury world and now we are ready to define a new concept of pr??t-? -porter,” said Renzo, Diesel’s president and founder. “Diesel Black Gold is an exclusive collection dedicated to those looking for the unpredictable Diesel spirit blended with a sophisticated individual style.”

For some background on Dazed & Confused, Jefferson Hack, who co-founded Dazed & Confused with photographer Rankin in 1992, then Another Magazine and Another Man, is a British style magazine published monthly. The taste makers glossy mag covers music, fashion, film, art and literature. A great source for current happenings for all you cultured and fashionable people who want to be in the know.

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Ashton Kutcher for Pepe Jeans

From Vogue UK:


Kutcher This
01 August 2008, 11:48AM
MALE model-turned-Hollywood A-lister Ashton Kutcher returns for second season as the face of Pepe Jeans London – and this time round, there’s a new look and a new girl freshening things up.

Daria Werbowy, who joined Kutcher for the spring/summer 2008 campaign, is replaced by Brazilian catwalker Isabeli Fontana (a favourite of Versace, Ralph Lauren and Valentino) in the ads, which were shot by David Sims and styled by Katy England.

In contrast to the ultra-modern, neon-highlighted studio aesthetic of last season, the shoot took place at the Zorthian Ranch in Altadena, California – a hippy camp that existed during the Seventies and has been completely untouched ever since. The result? A laidback, rural romance which perfectly compliments the new season collection.
Leisa Barnett

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Street Style: Brittny & Ingrid

I’ve been on a health kick, well, trying to be, but when I drove by a McD’s that effort went out the window! My willpower sucks! I kept telling myself that just one Big Mac is not a deadly sin. Besides, I believe it’s been a year since I last had one, which is a life time for me! People, the Denim Diva was once dared to eat 25 White Castles in an hour’s time. I washed it down with a Haagan Daz chocolate milkshake on a challenge by two guy friends, I KID YOU NOT! And I kicked their ass…followed by nice chunky hurl. I’m such a lady.

Anyway, back to my story, while waiting for my order, my son Jasper ran into the playroom and there I spotted two trendy teenyboppers joking around with their friends. The teen spirit of Brittny, spelled without an A, and Ingrid, was refreshing to say the least. Both cute as a button, are friends with a flair for trendy fashion.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Me: Brittny, how old are you and what are you wearing?
Brittny: I’m 14. My top and jeans are by 579. I bought them at the store, but you can also find them at Rainbow clothing store. I’m wearing Converse sneakers and the jewelry I bought at Deb’s jewelry store.

Me: What are you favorite jeans if money wasn’t an issue?
Brittny: I would still have to say 579 jeans. They aren’t expensive, but they aren’t exactly cheap either. I love the fit and the skinny style.

Me: Ingrid, how old are you and what are you wearing?
Ingrid: I’m 13. I’m wearing an H&M Vest, South T-shirt, jeans by Reflex and Converse sneakers.
Me: (Thinking to myself, “wow, I’ve got the same vest, does that make me cool now that I have something in common with a 13 year old?” Somehow I feel the big awkward kid wanting to fit in with the cool gals…a bit lost in time as well).

Me: What are your favorite jeans if money wasn’t an issue?
Ingrid: I LOVE H&M skinny and colored jeans!

Me: Thanks gals! Just wondering, who’s your favorite band these days? (I feel a tad bit disconnected from the tweenies and wondered if I can relate on a musical level).

Brittny & Ingrid: (They look at each other and shout with animated glee) The Jonas Brothers for sure!!
Me: (Mmm…guess not). Oh, to be young and fresh again…I don’t miss it. Ladies, we get better with age, take it from me, in EVERY way. BTW, everything comes around…the Jonas Brother’s cover of A-Ha’s “Take On Me” pales in comparison to the original (!

You can get Brittny and Ingrid’s look at: – for a similar take on Brittny’s necklace

–Nikki Cho Russo

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08.03.08: Pressed Denim.

– The Red Hat Society has come up with a new addition to their uniform, purple denim! The purple pants have been described as bold, stylish, and comfortable. The ladies say they are casual enough to wear around the house yet could be pulled work for a night out as well. Check out the new jeans at

– Just when I thought the obsession with Laguna Beach/ The OC was coming to an end I get a sneak peak of the new denim line, ???Laguna Beach Jeans.” Denim experts are making calls that this is going to the new ???it??? jean. The line is inspired by the relaxed vibes you get in southern California, using a pocket design that reflects a ???beach state of mind???. Each pair is unique as they are all hand made and hand stitched. The line is available here starting around $250. ( These are rumored to be Snoop Dogg??™s new favs)

– Lastly, I am always entertained by the wonderful ???snap judgemets??? made on Jezebel. I thought this one was pretty cute. Send ’em to Denim Therapy, stat, Cameron!


–Jacqueline Rezak<

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The Green Jean Project

The Green Jean Project
By Erin Loomis 07/31/2008

Choosing to buy vintage can help you go green. Track down an old pair of jeans and follow these easy steps to make them into a great summer skirt.

What you will need: old jeans, a sewing machine or heavy-duty embroidery needle, a seam ripper, strong thread, chalk, scissors or shears (all available at Joann??™s Fabrics, 550 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena).

1) Put on your pre-loved pants to figure out how long you want your skirt to be and mark them with chalk. We like to add an inch or so of ???mistake space??? just in case.

2) Take them off, make sure they are buttoned or zipped and cut across at your mark. You now have a pair of cut-offs. If you like shorts, or if you??™re just lazy, stop here.

3) Use a seam ripper to rip out the inside leg seams up to the crotch. Then move on to the crotch seam, stopping at the fly. Next, rip the back center seam to where it stops curving (about five inches from the crotch).

4) Lay the back right seam (or left, if you prefer) over the other side and pin in place. The goal is to keep everything as flat as possible. Repeat with front seams.

5) Cut the excess denim off the front to make your skirt straight. Do the same in the back, remembering you have a behind that needs space, so it should be a bit longer than the front. Keeping that extra mistake inch in mind is also a great idea.

6) Sew it up. This can be done by hand or machine. Using denim thread is recommended because it is sturdier.

7) No need for extra bulk in your skirt. Trim off that excess seam allowance on the inside.

8) Try it on! If you look great, well done. If it??™s a bit long, you can cut it off some more (or hem
it if you are feeling saucy). If it??™s too short, give it to your kid sister, because there isn??™t much you can do unless you want to buy some very cute underpants.
Or email us; we can give you some more advice on how to fix this faux pas.

Many thanks go out to Rising Sun & Co. Pasadena??™s new luxury denim line, as well as its custom denim tailors at 107 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, for donating a great pair of vintage women??™s Lee riders for the project.

(In the spirit of full disclosure, Karol Ann works at Rising Sun.)

If you have any trouble, questions, comments, concerns, or want ideas on how to revamp other items you have hiding in the back of your closet, shoot us an email.

Otherwise, good luck going green and until next time, Adios!

Contact Erin Loomis and Karol Ann Bergman at

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