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Martin is back!

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Yes, yes, yes!  Martin, Anne Albert’s line, is back! 

Albert closed her East Village storefront three years ago and I was left in the dust wondering what happened?  I literally scoured Barney’s and Jeffrey’s and other on-line stores searching for Martin jeans and came up with nothing.  Now I am jumping up and down for joy that the brand in the game!

Albert’s 10-piece capsule collection, which includes her beloved jeans, can be found at her website and on-line store.  One of my favorite jeans are by Martin, sexy, simple and great fitting. 

Check out her collection and order yourself a pair of her great jeans.  I also dig the cotton moleskin military jacket (military is a look that will be hot for the fall so start getting your wardrobe in check ladies!) and Kate cashmere sleeved poncho.  Welcome back Martin!

–Nikki Cho Russo

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Barneys Warehouse Sale! New York: Aug 14th – Sept 1st, LA: Aug 7th – 17th


Need we say more?

Click this for the details.

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From The Candian Press: Recycled Jeans, “Boyfriend” Jeans for Fall

From The Candian Press:

Recycled, wide leg and ‘boyfriend’ jeans among styles in denim for fall

TORONTO ??” Classic styles of denim from decades past aren’t the only thing making a comeback this fall.

As silhouettes become more free flowing with the resurgence of the wide leg in both denim and trousers, one company is greening their jeans by literally incorporating the old into the new in their product: taking material bound for the bin and crafting it into new pairs.

Levi’s is slated to roll out its Recycled line made of 17 per cent recycled cotton at the end of the month.

“Basically what they do is they take the scraps from the factory cutting table and instead of throwing them away as waste, they put them back into the milling process,” said Rod Van Straten, women’s merchandise manager with Levi’s. “Scraps are disintegrated and then put back into cotton yarn, and they’re woven back into new denim.”

In addition to the reissue of its Orange Tab collection, inspired by looks from the ’60s and ’70s featuring higher rises and flared legs, the company is also unveiling its “boyfriend jean,” part of what Van Straten called the resurgence of a deconstructed look, particularly in bottoms.

“We’re actually starting to see certain celebrities popping up wearing more oversized, typically more boyfriend looks that are more slouchy, a little bit more relaxed, so it’s a new interpretation of the deconstructed pant,” he said, noting that Katie Holmes has been photographed around New York sporting the look.

For men, Van Straten said slim and straight silhouettes continue to gain momentum.

Paige Premium Denim offers both a straight leg, slim cut jeans with a classic rise for men as well as a more slouchy, relaxed fit with a higher rise for fall.
For girls, the look is notably wide in jeans this fall, said Shannon Johnson of Winners.

“The skinny jean is not going to go away completely, but I think now you can do something that’s still figure-flattering without feeling that you’re not on trend,” she said. “I think that the raise of the waist and the fuller leg of the pant is really important for a lot of us who don’t feel 100 per cent in our skinny jeans.”
Womenswear retailer Reitmans features its own wide leg denim trouser it touts for both office and casual wear from petites to plus sizes.

Van Straten said more denim consumers are making the transition from work to social activities at day’s end in their jeans.

“A nice medium to dark shade of indigo can really look polished during the day with a great blazer and a good shoe and then very easily can transform into a nighttime setting by peeling off the jacket and wearing a flirty top,” he said.
For women with a curvier figure, Van Straten suggests opting for a darker shade of denim jean, as well as looking for something with a contoured waistband to prevent gaping.

“What can happen with curvier women is they have to size up in order to accommodate, perhaps, more weight that they’re carrying in their hips, and the waistband can then tend to not fit snugly around their waist, which leads to a little bit of an unfinished type of look,” he said.

“As well, a boot leg really helps to proportion the leg as well as elongate the leg on a curvier body type.”

For those with a more boyish or slender figure, Van Straten suggests selecting either the skinny or trouser pant.

“The skinny will really hug the body and give you an appearance of feminine curves, and a trouser almost camouflages a lack of curves and will create an A-line shape which can also be really, really exciting.”

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New York Mag article: Good Jeans

From New York Mag: By Meredith Fisher

Posted August 12, 2008

Everyone’s talking about the new Current/Elliot Boyfriend jeans. You know the story: Stylists meet, make jeans, get Vogue

coverage, and sell out of Barneys. But if you??™ve heard that one before

and still aren??™t too keen on the $200-plus price tag, then look no

further than your neighborhood J.Crew catalog for a pair of Distressed

Vintage Slim jeans. Strategically ripped in all the same places, easily

rollable to that just-so mid-calf length, and roomy enough to replicate

the boyfriend style (go up a size for serious slouch). And they’ll look

better on you than on Katie Holmes.

Related Stories:

Two Stylists + One Vision = Current/Elliott Jeans

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From NY Mag: Justin Timberlake Is Showing at Fashion Week!

From New York Mag:

Dancity dance dance!Photo: Getty Images

of right now we’re taking Justin Timberlake’s line William Rast
seriously, without an ounce of sarcasm. Why? Because he’s not only
showing his line at Roseland Ballroom during Fashion Week (just a few
short weeks away!), but he’s also going to perform when the models walk down the runway wearing it.
And, well, we want a good seat. We confess we were starting to get
skeptical about the success of William Rast, which just expanded to a
full line of sportswear, because it hasn’t really taken off since it
was first presented in L.A. almost two years ago (not to mention it’s
fronted by a celebrity, which increasingly is the kiss of death). And
its new creative directors cooked up fancy promotional efforts for the
newly expanded line, including a film to launch on the Internet
starring Erin Wasson and Timberlake ??” but that’s still not online a
month after it was supposed to be, and we were wondering if maybe
something was awry at JT’s house. But if they’re staging a Timberlake concertrunway show at Roseland, they must not just have their ducks in a row but dancing ‘NSync. (Sorry, had to.)

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Opening Ceremony’s 72-Hour Bash; Ben Cho Bats a Mean Ping-Pong

From New York Magazine:

Inside the store, Saturday, 10:27 p.m.Photo: Sharon Clott

In honor of the Olympic Games (by the way, did you see that men’s four-by-100m freestyle relay?…to die), Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of Opening Ceremony kept their Howard Street store open for 72 straight hours ,
cramming more than fifteen events into the three-day schedule this past
weekend. And because the thought of free manicures, free Scott Campbell
tattoos, and free psychic readings were the highlight of our weekend
(don’t judge, free equals fun), we stopped by (twice! at 10 p.m. and at 4 a.m.) to bring you the scoop. Hey, who needs sleep?

The sales were good.
The store only got 54 pairs of the much-hyped, limited-edition metallic
gold and silver Nike sneakers. Each day, they sold only a numbered
amount at 11:59 p.m. And by 12:03, they were sold out, Olivia Kim, the
director of wholesale, told us. Santogold herself scored the first
pairs ??” she bought one of each color.

The parties were better.

On Friday, the team launched their friends-and-family dance party with Cheer New York
cheerleaders outside the shop, flying around, flipping, and building
pyramids. "It stopped traffic," Kim said. "We wanted cheerleaders
because it’s a sport not represented in the Olympics." How
equal-opportunity! Then came a performance by Hercules and Love Affair,
where Alexander Wang
was spotted getting his boogie on. The whole shindig started at 10
p.m., and the last people trickled out at 5:30 a.m., after stuffing
themselves with milk and six dozen Insomnia cookies. Adorable.

10:29 p.m.Photo: Sharon Clott

Scrabble isn’t so fun at 6 a.m.
Scrabble was a bust from 6 to 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. "No one
wanted to come play!" Kim said. "We had all this smart-people food like
granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit to keep people’s brains going and only
seven people were here. And of them, it was four of us, two friends,
and one doctor we pulled in from the street after his night shift." Aw.
That doesn’t sound very scrabulous, now does it?

Ping-Pong ruled.
We stopped by the Ping-Pong
match hosted by Philip Crangi on Saturday night/Sunday morning at 4
a.m., and found twenty people crowded around four Ping-Pong tables
drinking mini-cans of Budweiser on the lower level of the store. Among
the competitors we spotted Benjamin Cho,
clad in black skinny jeans, a loose heather-gray V-neck tee, and a
gray-and-black scarf. He pounded the little white balls at his opponent
with his miniature paddle, but without a scoreboard, we couldn’t call a
clear winner. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, though. He’s on
Team USA, after all. ??”Sharon Clott and Kristi Garced

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Denim Insider: Rock Your Kid’s World – Bubble Trade Show S/S 2009

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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…boy, am I in trouble after seeing the S/S 2009 children’s collections. Big trouble, that is, from my husband when he finds out about all the things I plan on ordering after wandering through the show. This was my very first Bubble kids trade show and although there was an absence of a lot of European designers that I was hoping to see, the only way to describe the excitement that I felt when I walked through the doors was like a child being lured by the evil child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. All the booths were wooing me with their colorful confections and deliriously enticing home decorating accessories. I had to stop and take a deep breath to calm my racing heart.

I have to admit, the anticipation of seeing all the children’s collections was more exciting to me than some of the fashion events that I have been to lately. Dressing my son and decorating his room somehow transports me back into my childhood followed by a lot of skipping and song singing, uh, with my son, of course.

Let’s talk about the denim that I went gaa gaa over. Three very hip standouts that I can not wait to hit the market in ’09 are: Sudo, Faubourg Saint Denis and Baby James.

– Sudo is a Melbourne based label that has already dressed the likes of Pax Jolie Pitt. Everything is designed and manufactured in Melbourne for that down under ozzie panache. The jeans are hip and edgy with cute and simple detailing. I particularly loved a pair of skinny jeans with zipper detailing on the front flat pocket…very Daryl K!

– Faubourg Saint Denis was my favorite children’s denim line from the show. The result of five international friends (from Portugal, Sweden, France, Switzerland and China), all well-seasoned vets in the children’s fashion industry, infuses a bit of international flair. This is their debut line and I can already predict that they will be flying off the shelves. Quirky and colorful, the denim skinny jeans with leather suspenders are just to cool for school!

– Baby James is the love child of James Jeans brand. The slim-fitting jeans are all about the pockets. There are six styles with names like Puzzle Graphite, Patriot Blue and for the girly-girl, Pink Crystal Bandit each with different pocket details. My favorite style was the Rogue with a flap buttoned pocket and colorful stitching. James has also come out with maternity jeans in a slim bootleg, high-rise bootleg and cuffed capri that will have all you momma’s-to-be waddling around town in style.

For current lines go to: (website is under construction) (children’s line is not up yet)

–Nikki Cho Russo

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Join the Crusade…Sling & Stones Jeans

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Sling & Stones are denim lovers in the purest sense. This super-luxe premium label offers luxurious, great fitting, eco-concious jeans — their materials are 100% organic and fairly traded.

The ensemble collective behind Sling & Stones consists of engineers and artists from Seattle who left behind high-paying careers to pursue global change. The denim is made of the highest quality organic Japanese Supima cotton that is virtually pesticide-free. This is unlike the average cotton jeans, which contain 27% harmful chemicals. “We’re making a super-clean jean with true vintage washes that will last a lifetime.”

The reason for the super-luxe price tag is the detailed process that goes into their jeans. First, the organic Supima fiber is spun and loomed by a small family-run Japanese mill. The twill for the pocket bag lining is made of organic Fair Trade cotton, grown on the farms of Peru. The twill and denim are fashioned with genuine 24k gold plated hardware and Zari thread, handcrafted by skilled artisans in India. Then the jeans are finally assembled in Sling & Stones’ own factory, closely supervised with extra care for the products and the employees. Each jean is finished and inspected personally by Sling & Stones before shipping out to boutiques.

So much love and so much care for our environment and people! This is a brand we should all check out and support. And they are simply kick-ass jeans — simple, great fitting and made by loving hands with the highest quality fabric, what more can you ask for? Maybe a discount? The ultra-premium jeans will set you back $260-$350, but it’s an honorable price to pay that goes deeper than your pocket: a percentage of Sling & Stones??™ profits will be used to immunize villagers in Peru, fight teen suicide in Japan, and build an orphanage and youth rehabilitation center in India. Voila! You are instantly a humanitarian!

For a lower, more wallet-friendly brand, check out their sister-label, Good Society, for equally environmentally conscious jeans for equally financially conscious people, who still want to do good.

Go to Sling & Stones website to view the full collection:

Buy them at:
Revolve Clothing
Denim Bar
Self Edge

–Nikki Cho Russo

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April 77’s Acid Wash Denim Jacket and Unisex Fashions

I’ve always been a skeptic, when it comes to acid wash jeans.  I just won’t wear them.  Grimace-inducing memories of classmates in the 80s wearing all sorts of acid wash jeans, complete with spiral-permed hair, come to mind.  Acid wash denim came in all forms: stretch jeans or wide ribbed; peg leg or tight with a side slit or zipper at the ankles.  Wait.  Are my memories in black and white or Technicolor?  No!  The acid wash jeans, in many cases, were in Technicolor aqua blue (and in some cases, root beer brown).  Let me tell you, not all 80s acid wash jeans are worth bringing back.  Trust me.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Image source: April 77.

This latest release from progressive Parisian clothing and music label, April 77, has made me rethink acid wash jeans.  Why?  Just look at April 77’s new Acid Wash Denim Jacket for their We Lived Our Lives in Black Fall-Winter 2008 collection.  It’s like looking up at a cloudy blue sky while sipping on a latte, except you’re not looking up.  The eye-catching blue hue against the white splotches seem to signal that fall is approaching, but you’ve still got days of sun to bask in.

April 77 often ties in an item of clothing or accessory to April 77 Record‘s Artist of the Month selection.  When that happens, music lovers can download a free single online (watch the video for the download code).  They make French denim shopping fun!

As upbeat as April 77 may be, their models look pale and tragic, like tortured punk rockers waiting out the winter season.  Are they trying to tell me “I don’t care who’s looking, but don’t I look cool anyways?”  And while you’re looking, notice the unisex themes in its slim and overcast gray The Joey Colordrive Black Snow jeans, dedicated to Artist of the Month The Red Hearts.  Pair that with their unisex chic over-sized sweaters or coats, and you’ve got yourself an instant 80s revival.

Available at the following U.S. retailers:
American Rag, Barneys, Oak and Seven.

Contact April 77 for other retailers near you.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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The Earnest Sewn Co.’s Lemonade Stand For Inner-City Girls

From Daily Candy Kids New York:

Lower East Side Girls Club & The Earnest Sewn Co. Lemonade Stand
All profits from the sale of drinks and baked goods by Sweet Things Bake Shop support programs for inner-city girls.
Why: Sip and see.
When: Sat. & Sun., noon-6 p.m.
Where: The Earnest Sewn Co., 90 Orchard St., at Broome St. (212-979-5120).

It’s a chance to do something good for the community, and another excuse to check out the jeans!

Read the original post here.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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