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Gargyle Style! Store opening on Tuesday!


When the large exodus of hip stores from the LES started moving to Brooklyn, it was a true sign that NYC just wasn’t cutting it when it came to keeping it’s cool.  The once known mecca for tastemaking trendsetters was becoming too corporate, expensive and way too gentrified for the young and starving designers.  Well, come back to the dark side my friends, come back to the dark side!

Gargyle has made their way back from a year long hiatus in DUMBO.  Come on, let’s face it, DUMBO wants to be like Manhattan, but it just doesn’t cut it.  It’s still Brooklyn and there are more corporate iBankers there than you can imagine.  But with that said, I love DUMBO and love shopping there.  Some of my fave shops such as Zoe, Pomme, and Half Pint are all within walking distance and how can I forget Almondine Bakery for their fabulous pastries and baked goodies.  But back to Gargyle! They will be opening their store Tuesday on the LES/Chinatown. Hooray!  We can all save on an additional trip across the bridge.

Gargyle, which is inspired by early country club lifestyle, is aimed to revive and modernize the spirit of it.  The store is known for their ability to be ahead of the trend featuring obscure labels that are destined to be huge before you know it, such as a Common Project, 3:33 Footwear, Swear, YMC, Peter Jensen and Corpus.  Oh, let’s not forget Rogues Gallery and United Bamboo, love these labels!

So, if you are a trendsetter constantly searching for the next best label to buy, stop in at Gargyle for up to the minute brands that you’ll be wanting for your fall wardrobe.  New additions include our Swedish favorites Acne Jeans, Deka Ray’s gorgeous jewelry, and lines from B Store and Opening Ceremony.

Gargyle, 16A Orchard St (at Canal), 917-470-9367

–Nikki Cho Russo

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Denim Watch – Brazil Edition: Tufi Duek’s Forum Denim

My personal nod to Election 2008. Photo source: Adrants.

Tufi Duek, arguably one of the top designers from Brazil at the moment (save Alexandre Herchcovitch who also designed for Zoomp), is at the helm of Forum Jeanswear, which made international headlines a couple of years ago for its controversial fashion ad in which topless models punch out corrupt political officials. Rio de Janeiro-born Duek is also the creative director for Triton,
his other label which focuses more on the younger demographic, with its decidedly glam-punk 2009 collection. If I’m ever in SA?o Paulo, I must, must, must carve out dedicated shopping time to Forum!


Evandro and Ivete. Photo source: Forum.

Some say Brazilian fashion (and everybody else) merely copy the Europeans, but I beg to differ. Many high-fashion jeans from Brazil are marketed with a European and more international customer in mind. However, SA?o Paulo-based Forum, which also happens to be a top denim brand, remains pretty close to its Brazilian roots in order to retain a strong brand identity for the international market. Their model-muses, Evandro Soldati (male supermodel) and Ivete Sangalo (Latin Grammy artist), are both brunettes, in contrast to other Brazilian denim companies that mostly feature blondes. And, Ivete is built more curvy (and a tad bit older) than the usual runway model.

Fashion from Brazil is much more lively, as exhibited in the in-your-face colors and patterns that reflect the attitude and confidence of its people. I love my muted tones, so I would have to really get out of my minimalist shell to embrace Brazilian oranges, purples and even dizzying moirA© patterns! Denim jeans from Brazil also have a distinct, Latin identity as well. If it isn’t bling, it’s another thing — detailing in the pockets, extended side tab closure (to close the back gap for curvier figures), and lots of zippers. This year, Forum’s denim line is quite tame, in contrast to its ready-to-wear line.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
Photo source: Forum.

Forum Jeans: Rio Hot, Hot, Hot!

Star appeal: A favorite of Meg Ryan, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and many others.
Origins: Based in SA?o Paulo, Brazil.
Bootie meter:
Widely made for the Brazilian figure, but likely resized for the
international market. Forum also makes tight butt jeans for men.
Gimmick: One word: Evandro.
Denim appeal: Everyone under 50 wears jeans in Brazil year round. You’d be uncool to not slip into a pair of Forums.

To get your dose of Forum denim, look for Forum by Tufi Duek at
select Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide. For Triton,
check out selections online at Bluefly.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Two Stylists + One Vision = Current/Elliott Jeans

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Emily Current and Merritt Elliott, a.k.a. the styling team Maude, have dressed celebrities and graced major magazines such as Nylon to Interview with their expertly stylized editorial spreads.  After searching for the perfect jeans scouring flea markets and stores, they have collaborated and launched their vintage inspired take on the look of old worn in and beautifully stylish denim.  The denim is constructed of Japanese stretch denim that is super soft, produced in LA.  Each unique style has a name and year of reference that will teleport you back in time while making you look fabulous.

The Fall 2008 Current/Elliott line includes, tops, vests, dresses, jackets and of course jeans.  I absolutely adore the dresses, my favorite being the Monarch/1967 (it will be so cute with long or short boots).  This fall’s trendy look will be slouchier jeans worn a size bigger such as the Boyfriend/1957 jeans.  I would wear them rolled up a bit, slung low with a belt, stack heeled ankle boots (or the hot new Balenciaga ankle boots if you are one of the lucky ladies that can afford them…HOT!), a long boyfriend sweater-vest over a t-shirt).  Another nice addition to your ever growing denim collection.  Check it out, you will love this brand!  Mandy Moore and Nichole Richie are among the long list of celebrities that already rock the jeans.

View their current line at their website:

Selected Current/Elliott jeans are available at:

–Nikki Cho Russo

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Denim Watch – Brazil Edition: Colcci and Gisele Bundchen Take the World by Storm

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Photo source: Colcci

It was first Pucci, then it was Gucci, and now, it’s Colcci.

Hot off of last month’s SA?o Paulo Fashion Week, Brazilian fashion house Colcci continues to make international headlines, thanks to its spokesmodel — supermodel Gisele BA?ndchen — the current face of Colcci. This ever expanding fashion empire kicked off its U.S. launch last fall in New York City at Bathhouse Studios. This is my new favorite brand (have I said this before?), because this brand takes fashion risks, produces super chic street wear, but is very accessible. For the current collection, prices range from US$40 for apparel, to US$300 for shoes. I can
definitely see myself wearing Colcci’s silver gladiator stilettos with
a pair of their denim shorts.

Speaking of fashion risks, take the 2009 SPFW collection, for instance. Colcci features spray-painted and tie-dyed shirts and dresses. Lots of bleached-out, pastel painter boy denim looks, and flouncy bib lettuce frocks. Colcci also features tie-dyed bell bottoms, which I’m not going for. Loving their midriff tops for women; although, I’m not sure I would dare wear myself! And, many of the models were styled with the little Pamana hats. I totally love that look, but it hasn’t totally caught on here in the States.

Celebrities such as Gisele (who says she has lots and lots of Colcci),
Hilary Duff; and American Idol contestants Ramiele Mallubay, Syesha
Mercado, Amanda Overmyer and winner David Cook, have been seen wearing

This top brand commands an international audience, with stockists in countries such as France (Reunion Island!), Guatemala, Holland, Japan and Spain. In February of this year, Colcci expanded into Lisboa, Portugal. Here in the U.S., Colcci can be found at Fred Segal, Harrod’s, Kitson and Urban Outfitters. Shasa Emporium in Honolulu currently carry a wide selection of Colcci apparel, including denim shorts!

L to R: Mercado, Mallubay, and DJ Rashida of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew wearing Colcci.

Shop for Colcci exclusively online at PLASTICLAND. Keep a look out in October for new Colcci apparel in stock. Jeans are not yet available online.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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News Flash: Chanel’s Mobile Art Exhibit Finds a New York Home


From NY Mag:

We were wondering where Chanel’s Mobile Art Exhibit, designed by none other than Zaha Hadid, would touch down when it stops by New York in October. See it’s not as small or easy to transport as its name would imply: As Racked noted, it takes up 2,297 square meters and requires three weeks to assemble. But, rest easy ??” it’s found a home in Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, where it will be open from October 20 to November 9. How much does it cost to rent that space for three weeks? Chanel paid the Central Park Conservancy in the low seven figures plus a $400,000 usage fee. A steal, really.
We’re glad they laid out the cash, though, because the exhibit inside the structure sounds delightful (and it’s free!). Chanel recruited world-renowned artists to contribute works that “[explore] the notion of the handbag as a cultural symbol, often with a dash of irreverence.” For example:

Blue Noses created ???Fifty Years After Our Common Era or Handbags Revolt,??? an installation of packing boxes in which videos show satirical moments in the life of a handbag. [Sylvie] Fleury created a giant Pop Art-style quilted handbag lined with pink fur; inside is a makeup compact in which you can view a video of women shooting handbags with guns.
It’s about time we devoted Manhattan’s largest park to an exhibit about purses and the whimsy derived thereof. We mean, we bet we’re not the only ones who still feel cheated by The Gates. Or those dribbly waterfalls.

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WWD: Denim Destination

By WWD Staff:

Rag & Bone??™s Marcus Wainwright and David Neville are throwing their cult following a retail bone. The designers, who launched the line as a men??™s denim collection in 2001 and have since expanded into tailored women??™s sportswear, recently signed the lease for their first store. Come September, fans, who include Sienna Miller, Julianne Moore and Gisele B??ndchen, can shop their men??™s and men??™s wear-inspired women??™s collection at 104 Christopher Street in New York??™s West Village???

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Trend Alert: Let it Rip!


Whether it’s a DIY project with a razor blade or a great pair of old jeans holding on by a thread, shredded jeans are in vogue. Are we concerned that this may add a hiccup to Denim Therapy’s core business? Well, I don’t see it causing a panic any time soon, but a whole lot of denim brands are riding the wave and acting as if they are holier than thou.

Chanel ripped denim skirt

We all know that trends come from the street, reinterpreted by the haute couture fashion designers. Then all havoc breaks loose at fashion week with fashion editors raving about the genius new trends that strolled down the catwalk. And immediately all the copy cat designers, such as Forever 21, start cranking them out for the masses. Who would have ever thought that Mr. Karl Lagerfeld would do a line of distressed denim for Chanel? Genius…um, not! Of course, this has launched the frayed frenzy and everyone from Siwy to Alexander Wang have followed suit!

Christopher Kane Spring 2008

Do you fancy a pair of rip roaring jeans? I like mine made the old fashioned way…au natural from a lot of wear and tear on the cheap!

Nikki Cho Russo

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Denim Insider: PROJECT New York at Jacob Javits Center

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Launched in 2003 and held bi-annually in New York and Las Vegas, Project is a contemporary global trade show where the stylemakers come together to buy, network and define next year’s trends.  Project showcases premium contemporary sportswear for men and women including accessories.  Originally showcasing 50 brands when they started, Project has grown globally to now feature 600 plus brands. 

I only had a short amount of time to peruse the vast aisles of denim.  So, rather than going to the obvious heavy hitters such as Joe’s, Rock & Republic and Lucky Brand Jeans, I searched for a denim brand that I thought would be one to watch out for.  Along the way, I snapped the DJ mixing on the Karim Rashid turntable (fab design, isn’t it?  I want one for my decks) and briefly had a seat in a plush white pod seating with a drink to take it all in.  I had to stop and take a photo of two darlings at the "Local Celebrity" booth.  How trendy and cute are Danielle and Michael?  Danielle is wearing Forever 21 jeans, a Local Celebrity T-shirt and sunglasses.  Michael is wearing BDG Jeans, a Local Celebrity t-shirt and sunglasses.  Such bright-lites in the big city!

Among the denim lines at the show, one brand that stood out was Pratt’s Motor Spirit, the new premium denim line from designers Phillipe Naouri (Antik Denim, Los Angeles) and Christophe Sauvat (Antik Batik, Paris).  Pratt’s Motor Spirit, which launched this past February, is all about the confident man or woman. It is a new wave of motorcycle chic.  I absolutely LOVE the cut and details on the jeans, especially how the knees are fashioned like a motorbike pant and the overall vintage style of the 60’s.  Very chic and sexy!  They remind me of pants that I have from Just Cavalli that I adore.  Pratt’s Motor Spirit is sure to be a hit!  The Norton Motorcycle jeans will definitely be my next denim purchase!

Pratt’s Motor Spirit: You can preorder the Norton Motorcycle jeans at Intermix.

–Nikki Cho Russo

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News Flash: Christian Siriano’s Collection Debuts on Bluefly

From NY Mag:                                                    

Photo: Courtesy of Bluefly

Today Christian Siriano’s Project Runway
prize comes to fruition. His collection for went on sale,
and it looks like a few pieces have already sold out! In a video
about the line he says it’s inspired by "some signature things" he
showed in his final collection for Fashion Week "but obviously not as whoa."
The collection consists of only seven pieces in black and gold. ("Don’t
you love the gold? It’s like tranny Klum on a budget! Oh my God, it’s
fabulous!" Christian exclaims in the video.) And it’s not cheap ??”
prices for the remaining pieces average $500. But are the clothes as
fabulous as he thinks the tranny-Klum gold fabric is? Check out the
photos for yourselves.



look on the left is perhaps the most wearable of the bunch. That is, if
you have the legs and height of a high-fashion model to pull off those
skinny pants (we guess Siriano’s well versed in Williamsburg’s
signature tailoring by now). Something about the puffy sleeves in the
plaid taffeta jacket on the right seems a little butch, but it could
look charming.Photo: Courtesy of Bluefly

puffy sleeves! The "Posh" blouse on the right is the most expensive
piece in the collection at $549 (the retail value of which, Bluefly
claims, is $740). With the sleeves, the ruching, the gloves, and the
hat it reminds us of Little Bo Peep gone bad. Though we find the
sleeves distracting, we can’t fault the shirtdress on the right. Cute,
flattering, wearable ??” way to go.Photo: Courtesy of Bluefly

we could definitely see Heidi Klum wearing the outfit on the left.
Should she decide to tranny it up, of course. We could not, however,
see her wearing the dress on the right. It reminds us of eighties prom
attire. Or something the girlfriend of Star Wars’ C-3P0 would wear.Photo: Courtesy of Bluefly

Christian Siriano [Bluefly]
Christian Siriano’s Exclusive Bluefly Collection: The Concept. The Model Casting. [Flypaper/Bluefly]
See Christian’s Final-Collection Slideshow

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Skinny jeans tucked into gladiators. Eep.

Criminy.  Just because Sienna Miller did it don’t make it good.  And the fact that this fad has taken three years to make it mainstream doesn’t sit right with me either. From our friends at Denimblog, who picked it up in People Rag:


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