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Green Jeans: Del Forte’s Project Rejeaneration


Where do your jeans go when they die?  I’ve been known to show up at picnics and charity carwashes wearing my crudely “re-designed” denim cutoff shorts, complete with jagged, frayed hems.  In retrospect, they looked pretty trashy.

That’s why I am glad Del Forte Denim’s Project Rejeaneration,
is giving your old, unwanted jeans a new, more sophisticated life.  You send Del Forte your denim castoffs, and they are re-designed
and reborn as a new denim product.

Designer and founder Tierra Del Forte, who consciously started Del Forte Denim as an premium organic denim company, created Project Rejeaneration as a way to underscore her company’s mission of organic, socially responsible jeans for the eco-chic woman.

If you want your old denims “Rejeanerated, ” count on waiting at least six weeks.  The new jeans are handmade and are “embellished with vintage fabrics and trims and
incorporate handcrafts collected from around the world,” as shown in
Del Forte’s currently featured Rejeaneration project, The Janelle Skirt.

Rejeanerated: Del Forte Denim’s The Janelle Skirt

From suppliers on up to sewing and washing, Del Forte’s jeans are produced with the environment and the worker in mind.  And, it’s not just about the denims they sell.  “We are committed to using green products and services whenever
possible. Our office is stocked with eco-friendly supplies, all our
printing is done on New Leaf paper using vegetable-based inks and we
found a carbon neutral company to host”

Dig deep in the back of your closet.  Denim donors get 10% off their next
purchase of any Del Forte denim jeans.

Kathy Ng Hassan

Posted Jun 30 2008 in Denim News

I hate Mondays, but I love my Cheap Monday Jeans!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

My adoration for Swedish brands continues with Cheap Monday, one of my favorites.

Named for the poorest day of the week (cause you’ve blown all your money on weekend good times), Cheap Monday jeans are the perfect skintight fit done dirt cheap.  All I can say is that I have been a denim lover for a long long time and when I first tried on Cheap Monday jeans, I loved the way they were second skin snug, but very comfortable, a bit high-waisted to suck in all the excess stomach that sometimes would spill over (AKA “muffin top”), and looked great with both heels and sneakers.  Cheap Mondays also look great under dresses and long tops as an alternative to leggings.

The best thing of all is the price tag!  At a mere $65 a pop, in comparison to let’s say my Citizens of Humanity or J Brand jeans costing more than $200, who can beat that value?  It’s a real bang for your buck.  I bought two pairs right away, one in black and the other in cream that goes with everything.

Their current SS/08 line has a huge array of washes, colors, patterns and fits, both in skinny and baggier styles.  I am digging the pin striped jeans and Dada overalls.

The AW 08 “Beastmaster” theme continues to show their growth as a major player in the fashion world.  The campaign photos were shot in the woods outside Rimba, a small town outside of Stockholm known for inbreeding and religious fanatics.  How, uh, eccentric.  The collection is chock full of baggier fitting jeans (told ya so — listen to the Denim Diva and get ’em early!).  There’s also an extensive apparel line including vintage, children’s,  accessories, and a dressier line called Kostym.  Go to Cheap Monday’s site to see the full line.  Buy Cheap Mondays at Urban Outfitters, Tobi, Revolve, and Karmaloop.

— Nikki Cho Russo

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Posted Jun 30 2008 in Denim Fashion

To Drop-Crotch or Not to Drop-Crotch?

Street ChicPics from Garance Dor?©

This is a trend that always seems to come back around with the inspiration of the Far East.  Some of you may shake your heads and wish it would just go away, but the drop-crotch pants and variations of it is back and quickly catching momentum.  There have been sprinkles of it in collections by Philip Lim, Kriss Van Assche, Stine Goya (with her gorgeous colorful confections) and a slew of other big name designers such as Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, but get ready, because the trend for the Fall/Winter 08/09 season is looser fitting pants throughout many denim collections.

Take a look at some of the fashionable women that are featured on one of my favorite style websites, Garance Dor?©.  European women, especially the French, really know how to be daring and chic with fashion forward sensibility.

Some of the hottest jeans that I have seen in this “Dhoti” inspired style are from DSquared, Miharayasuhiro, Diesel, Kriss Van Assche, Marith?© Fran?§ois Girbaud and Andrew Mackenzie.  Genius designer Nicolas Ghesqui??re, does it again for Balenciaga and incorporates a subdued variation of this trend, along with gorgeous kick-ass boots for the fall.  Other designers have made more subtle drops to the crotch.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

So get ahead of the game and start searching for a great pair of drop-crotch jeans.  With a fearless adventure for fashion, rock this look Euro style with your own American twist.  Ignore the nay sayers!  Hey, it’s not for everyone, which is the beauty of fashion!  I have always been a fan!

Keep the look sleek with body hugging tops and blazers to capture a modern look avoiding to not over accentuate the voluminous shape.  The shoe trend will be sleeker colorful boots with out all the complicated hardware, low-fi minimalist sneakers will compliment this look for a more refined finish, and gladiator punk-inspired open toes continue to be worn with or with out socks.

— Nikki Cho Russo

Posted Jun 29 2008 in Denim Fashion » How to Wear It

Friday Poll: How do you care for your jeans?

Posted Jun 27 2008 in Denim Therapy

Artist Spotlight: Zack Weber.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

I made my way to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to hang out with shutterbug extraordinaire, Chiun Kai Shih of SMC Creative Inc.  His subject?  Zack Weber and his band.  Zack is a laid back soul with a playful spirit who also happens to be tragically good looking, reminiscent of a cross between a young Johnny Depp and John Mayer.

Originally from St. Charles, MO, Zack set out at the ripe young age of 14 to pursue a solo career with the guidance of a local music producer.  In the summer of 2004, Zack opened for Grammy award-winning acts Maroon 5 and John Mayer.  He did four shows with Mayer on his "Heavier Things" tour. 

Zack??™s melodic tunes and thought provoking lyrics showcase a refreshingly mature singer-songwriter and entertainer.  With a profound influence of pop, rock and jazz it is hard to pinpoint exactly what genre he??™s playing in.  Listening to his album, "Daydreams and Day Jobs,??? the tone and texture of his vocals, acoustic guitar and instrumentals evoke Ben Folds, Coldplay, John Mayer and even Michael Buble.

Now 19, Zack and his band mates, Theo, Chad, and Roy, reside in New York and continue to impact the New York music scene with live performances that leave audiences wanting more.  This young artist??™s career is rising. . .definitely someone to watch. 

Zack is rocking Buckler jeans, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Specialty sneakers in black leather and a Y-3 top for a hip yet colorfully sophisticated rocker look.  Roy has on his Zara jeans, but looks great in Bucklers for the photo shoot.  Chad is wearing Replay jeans.

Check out Zack’s music on his site and on MySpace.

Nikki Cho Russo

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Denim Deals San Diego: True Religion Jeans Sale on July 31


The Sassy City Chicks folks are back in San Diego for Fashion Bash, and they are featuring True Religion Jeans, and tons of other designers like Marc Jacobs, Ella Moss and Diane von Furstenberg, to name a few.  Man, could I use an onsite complimentary (VIPs only) spa service before I shop!

It’s only $3 to get in. . .click here to purchase 2 for 1 VIP tickets.

Posted Jun 25 2008 in Events

Denim Deals: William Rast’s Rockin’ Sale at HauteLook


Rock your body — and your booty — with William Rast, this Tuesday, June 24, via HauteLook, an online “club which organizes exclusive 12-48 hour online private sales of premium fashion and luxury lifestyle brands.”

Formed by Justin Timberlake and his childhood buddy, Trace Ayala, William Rast (“William” is the first name of Timberlake’s grandfather and “Rast” the last of Trace Ayala’s) has fast become the booty jean of choice to the stars.  Due to their ingenious denim re-imagination,  the jeans (check out the Savoys) are sewn with the yoke upside down creating a push-up effect on the targeted area.  Celebrities seen wearing William Rast denim include Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, and of course, Jessica Biel.  Gee, do ya think JT has a thing for a girl that’s got back?

Thanks to the cool folks at HauteLook, you’ll enjoy continuous retail therapy with their perpetually rotating designers. Click here to sign up!

Kathy Ng Hassan

Posted Jun 23 2008 in Denim Buys » Denim News » Sales

On Tour with Rock and Republic

Picture_11_2 Picture_12 Picture_10_2

L to R: Pete Wentz, PJ Harvey and David Cook. Pete Wentz photo taken from The Labor Party blog.

Get started on your career as a rock star.  You know you think about it. What it would be like to perform in a large stadium to thousands of adoring fans.  Maybe you watch “American Idol” and secretly think that you can sing way better than half those contestants.  I mean, the shower really has great acoustics.  Maybe you’re awesome drumming with your pencils in your cubicle.  Or, you’re about to break the top score in Guitar Hero, and you’re ready to rock it out live with the big boys.

Well, before you head on your way to global music domination, better get started with the whole image thing.  Go “on tour” around town with your entourage of friends, and don’t forget to rock your Rock and Republic jeans while flashing your bling.

Get the Rock and Republic “On Tour” Looks:

The Diva


Left: Rock and Republic Cosbie in Hellrider Leopard.
Right: D&G Dolce & Gabanna Risky Watch with inset crystals.

The Frontman
Picture_4 Picture_6

Left: Rock and Republic Colburg in Riccochet Blue.
Right: Studded Pyramid Belt 3 Row by Heart Rock.

The Music Mogul


Left: Rock and Republic Vaughn in Riccochet Extreme Blue.
Right: Spinner Chrome Rhinestone Turntable Belt Buckle. Available online at Hot Buckles.

The Grammy Artist
Picture_8 Picture_14

Left: Rock and Republic Kasandra in Definitive White.
Right: Sheila Fajl Faceted White Onyx Square ring. Available online at Blue Luxe.

Kathy Ng Hassan

Posted Jun 23 2008 in Denim Fashion

Street Style: Rebecca Jarsolovsky

Rebecca Jarsolovsky Rebecca Jarsolovsky Rebecca Jarsolovsky

This sweet sixteen caught my eye as I was walking through downtown Millburn, NJ.

Rebecca Jarsolovsky’s smile reminded me of a modern day Leather Tuscadero from Happy Days. come on, tell me that you don’t see the resemblance?!  This teen, who says her style is alternative, has got it going on from head to toe.

I should have asked her who her hair colorist is — nice ‘do Rebecca!

Rebecca’s wearing jeans by Tripp NYC, sneakers by Vans, a t-shirt of a local band from CT called One Last Trip and a canvas Hello Kitty bag.  When I asked her what her favorite jeans are, she said, "Skinny jeans by either Tripp NYC or Hydrolic".

Support your local bands for the T-shirt.  Get the jeans at Karmaloop.

Nikki Cho Russo

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Kid Rocks: Skinny Pura Vida Jeans.

IMG_0054 IMG_0024

If you want your kid to be a little rockstar with a global conscience, you need to get a pair of Pura Vida jeans to add to their collection. Pura Vida nyc is a premium denim collection that includes casual clothing such as knitwear and jackets for infants and toddlers.

Pura Vida nyc cares about the world we leave to our children;  they use organic cotton wherever possible, to lessen the use of pesticides.

Jasper is rocking Pura Vida’s Geo skinny jeans, with a CBGB t-shirt and
H&M suspenders.  The Geo skinny jeans are actually part of the
girls line, but this style and cut can be unisex (the Geo chocolate is
on sale at Baby Bazaar).  The skull and bones slip on sneakers
are made by Morgan & Milo.  For more info on where to buy Pura Vida
Jeans go to their website.

— Nikki Cho Russo

Posted Jun 20 2008 in Denim Fashion
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